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Inclusion Department

Apple International School is a truly inclusive school. We have an open-door and open-heart policy for all the students with their various learning profiles. The schools’ commitment has been recognized by the DSIB inspection team in the following way:


The school provides a safe place for learning where students are protected and cared for very well. The school is inclusive, and teachers know all their students very well. Student diversity in a supportive environment is a strength of the school.

  • DSIB Inspection Report 2018-2019

The school’s commitment to well-being and inclusion is deconstructed in a three-layered approach. These are; fair and accessible admissions, inclusion and equity for all, and safety and positive environment.


The school has a welcoming admission policy that ensures that students are not discriminated based on skill. We consider all children to be bloomers at their own pace. Our role is to provide the nourishment to support and accelerate their development.

The school’s inclusion policy is comprehensive and lays out a vast framework of provisions for all learners including those identified as students of determination and/or gifted and talented.

The child protection and positive behavior policy ensures that all students and staff collaborate and interact in a mutually respectful way. This enables the school to maintain a vibe of happiness all across.


The Apple school’s inclusion team guided by the Principal and Governor’s ensure that the staff is trained to provide enabling learning environment to all the students including those identified as students of determination and/or gifted talented. We cherish being an inclusive school holding the ethos of compassion and equity of access close to us.


Making curriculum meaningful

At AIS we understand that curriculum has to be relevant and accessible for all students in order for them to engage with it constructively. Hence, the teachers and inclusion team works collaboratively to modify the learning experience of the students of determination, including the ones identified as gifted and talented, to make it relevant for them. This is done through the regular teacher’s conferences. The teachers in coordination with the inclusion team plan the adaptations, accommodations and modifications required for individual students based on their profiles and achievement. These modifications are closely monitored by the curriculum and inclusion leaders. The school also offers additional programs that enrich the learning experience of the students of determination. They are as follows.


  1. NEST – NEST is a group support program which is designed to help the students of determination in two areas, i.e., academics and emotional management. Hence the two programs stand for Nurturing English and Statistical Talents (NEST) and Nurturing Emotional Stability and Temperament (NEST). They are run across the school for supporting the students using standardized intervention programs like Alpha to Omega and Dyscalculia tool kit.


  1. SEEDs – In order to respond to the growing need of EAL for students attending school in their initial years, SEEDs program was formulated. SEEDS – Speak, Enact, Engage and Discuss Sessions – allows for the students of foundation stage to benefit from the group discussion which support their language exposure and skills in English.


  1. A’GATE – students identified as G&T benefit from group provisions of A’GATE. They are engaged in activities which are enriching beyond the taught curriculum. The students this year benefitted from advanced Robotics learning.


The school understands that the students of determination may need alternative curriculum pathways for progressing in their academic life. Hence, this year the school has started with its first ASDAN course as a pilot. The school plans to launch a wider suite of courses from ASDAN in future.



Parent Partnership

Parent partnership has been a strength for AIS and is also recognized by the DSIB inspectors. The parents of students of determination are an integral part of the learning journey of the child. Parents meet the respective members of the inclusion team a minimum of twice a term to discuss the IEPs and other provisions of their child. They also use these meetings to monitor the progress of the child at school and at home. Besides these meetings, the parents is in regular contact with the inclusion team and teachers via emails and calls. The suggestions of parents are valuable to the process of provision endowments. In early years this process is even more rigorous as the child may not be able to express themselves fully.


Partnership with specialists’ agencies

AIS has developed partnership with specialists’ agencies to ensure that students and parents can benefit from expert advice, testing and therapies when deemed necessary. This enables the school to extend a comprehensive support to the students at risk of reaching their potential.