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The Apple International School is an inclusive school that seeks to provide education for the holistic development of our pupils. We value diversity and welcome students from all cultural and social backgrounds without any discrimination.

Our school has a dedicated team of specialists who support teachers and students in identifying special needs and/or gifted and talented children to include them in the mainstream educational setting. AIS makes timely provisions in the curriculum and other aspects of teaching standards to ensure that our students are appropriately challenged in order to make the best out of their learning experiences.

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Mr. Faheem Mohammed

Acting Principal’s Message – A Warm Welcome

Dear Apple International School Community,

I am Faheem Mohammed, and it is both an honor and a privilege to serve as the Principal of Apple International School. To our students, parents, staff and school community I extend a warm welcome to the Apple International School family.

Our mission is to empower students to become self-aware, grounded individuals who contribute positively to a happy, inclusive, and caring community. We are committed to cultivating 21st-century learners capable of thriving in a versatile global setting...

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For Your Children?

LEAMS Education aims to deliver an international and holistic educational approach with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities at an affordable cost.

LEAMS Education is a combined team of like-minded educators, innovators and strategists and has been in the education industry since the last 40 years.

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Parent Testimonials

Mr. Nelson  Parent of Hannah,   Year 2 J 

Apple International School played a vital role in developing my child Hannah's learning skills, providing a structured environment for her academic development in various subjects. School also played a crucial role in Hannah's emotional development, where teachers and counsellors supported the development of self-esteem, resilience, and coping skills. They provided a safe and supportive environment for children to express their emotions and regulate them.

Ms Kohinoor  , Parent of  Kiara  Nath , Year 6 A 

Our journey with AIS started when AIS was only till grade 8, and in the past 7 years we have seen it flourishing and offering classes till Year 13 and expanding from one to three campuses now! The reason why we chose AIS for both our kids, is because we wanted our kids not only to excel academically but also develop a sense of community and cultivate the sagacity of a responsible active global citizen making our world more peaceful, sustainable, and fairer.

Shahin Mulla   Parent of Zara Mirza  , Year 2 K 

My daughter has been with AIS since foundation stage, The reason we choose AIS was mainly because of multicultural population. We love encountering students and teachers from various nationalities and ethnicities, all united under the umbrella of education. Teachers are the backbone of any education system, and AIS has some of the best.

Aisha   Parent of Hajera Year 1 G &  Sukena Year 2 I 

I am expressing my sincere gratitude towards Apple International School for their exceptional services and support throughout the past four years. As a parent, it took me almost six months to find a school that could provide my children with quality education, inclusive environment and affordability, and I am glad that I found all these qualities in Apple International school.

 Ms. Shashika Neunehella   Parents of Thisura Dinuka Jayawardana   Year 11 E

We, as the parents of Thisura Dinuka Jayawardana from class 10 E, would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the leadership and dedication towards providing our children with a top-notch education. Furthermore, we would like to express our appreciation for the Apple International School's transparency and openness towards parents. Your willingness to listen to our concerns and provide us with crucial information has been immensely beneficial to us.

Mr. & Mrs. Albon  Parents of Sean Joseph Albon , Year 11 E   

We're highly pleased with the education our son Sean is receiving at Apple International School. The Teachers are truly invested in the education of the students and to their growth as a learner. The learnings from the school have enabled our son to gain confidence in his learning abilities.We're proud that our son was elected Student Council President for the year, an honor for our family.

Mr. Mustafa  Parent of Taif Mustafa ,Year 9 C

Taif has been a student at AIS for over 12 years now, she has stayed in AIS her entire educational journey. Similarly, I have enrolled all of my children in AIS due to my high level of satisfaction with the school. The staff are extremely friendly and cooperative, and the learning environment is well-suited for children to thrive in.

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