You Need To Apply To This Secondary School In Dubai This Year!

The British curriculum is renowned all over the world for well-structured, student-centric education. The curriculum focuses on the depth and breadth of knowledge of an individual child. It has well-defined Key Stages to provide a clear understanding of progress to their guardians and teachers. British schools push students beyond conventional shackles of education, encouraging them to grow outside the classrooms. The Apple International School is one of the best secondary schools in Dubai, with extensive opportunities and skilled faculty to guide you through the rollercoaster that is middle and high school!!

The curriculum is divided into 5 Key Stages, with each stage having a distinct weight in a child’s learning curve. According to the standard British curriculum, secondary education entails schooling for students aged 11 to 16, in Years 7 to 11. The Key Stages in these significant years of schooling focus on KS3 and KS4.

The KS3 & KS4 allow middle and high school pupils of secondary schools in Dubai to learn subjects broadly and holistically, making sure they are prepared for critical examinations in their high school and have adequate in-depth knowledge. Some of the subjects The Apple International School offers are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Languages
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Drama/Dance
  • Music
  • Art

The Apple International School, Dubai, offers secondary education and is one of the best secondary schools in Dubai.

Here’s why secondary education is imperative and how The Apple International School ensures quality educational experiences for its students by implementing these benefits and opening up new avenues for them.

1. Preparation for GCSE Examinations

  • GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. It’s part of the British Curriculum taught to pupils in secondary schools in Dubai aged 14 to 16 in years 10 and 11. In a nutshell, GCSEs are the exams children have to take at the end of Key Stage 4.
  • The students’ foundational knowledge is built over two to three years, after which they sit for the GCSE exams. These results hold an essential bearing on a child’s higher education.
  • Why are GCSE exams important? GCSEs are the most critical exams students in secondary schools in Dubai take before college or university. The results have a considerable effect on pupils’ futures.
  • How well students do in their GCSEs is one of the key indicators colleges take into consideration to understand the abilities of a potential student studying in a secondary school in Dubai.

The Apple International School is one of the most reputed secondary schools in Dubai, with some of the world’s most prestigious infrastructure and experienced faculty. The school’s students have a history of outperforming peers from other secondary schools in Dubai by a mile! These results are undoubtedly attributed to the collaborative efforts of the young and talented students and the supportive school.

2. Preparation for the ‘real world’

This might sound superficial, but middle school and high school experiences have a great hand in shaping a child’s social, emotional, and mental characteristics.

How? Well, secondary schools in Dubai directly or indirectly teach life skills classes in the curriculum. The life skills are learned throughout school-related activities and include:

  • Ability to apply knowledge to real-life situations
  • Independent thinking skills
  • Ability to express thoughts and opinions
  • Formation of long-term and short-term goals
  • Learning to balance duties and responsibilities
  • Ability to work with others

Through attendance, schedules, classwork and homework, teens learn perseverance, self-regulation, and other skills needed for a healthy personal and professional life.

The Apple International School is one of the best secondary schools in Dubai, with extensive opportunities and skilled faculty to guide you through the rollercoaster that is middle and high school!