Ms. Vindya Kumardeen

Ms. Vindya Kumardeen is the Head of Foundation Stage who aspires to guide teachers in becoming the best facilitators of early childhood education they can be. She has been working at AIS since August 2009 and has several years of professional experience in the education sector.

She is an early years educator that received her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education from Girne American University and received her NCfE Cache Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services. She has done her education research on ‘Journey into the Inclusive Education’ based on the “School for all’ initiative by the MoE to implement Federal Law 29/2006 with regard to individuals with disabilities and equal access to education. Ms. Vindya has pursued a Diploma in Principles and practices of the Montessori Method, child psychology preparation, and use of audio. She has a post-graduate degree in Information Technology and worked as a Project Manager at The Maharaja Organization Limited, Colombo, Sri Lanka before taking off on a career in education.

Ms. Vindya is an expert in the early childhood education sector who is passionate about inspiring educators in making changes in their practice to impact children’s learning and development. She is a firm believer in every day being an opportunity to learn and develop. She considers herself a lifetime learner.

The transformation of people and self is what she believes to be the most satisfying taking in her profession. She is independent and takes on challenges every day. Ms. Vindya has led countless PD workshops helping sharpen teachers across Dubai.