Ms.Afshan Mehdi

Mrs. Afshan Mehdi is an M.Sc. B.Ed in Zoology and carries a versatile overall 33 years’ experience in the educational field in teaching as well as in administrative positions.  She is associated with the LEAMS for the last 21 years.

In Cambridge International Education curriculum in Dubai / UAE she has a 30 years’ experience in teaching, which includes 8 years of additional administrative experience, handling responsibilities as Section Head (Gr. 9-13), Supervising Pastoral care and Academics, Strategic Planning; Resource Management; Team Management. Besides CIE curriculum, she has an additional experience in teaching GCSE, ICSE & CBSE Boards also.

She has a proven success in securing high student achievement. She is approved by Ministry of Education, Dubai, updated with latest e-learning and interactive teaching techniques and applications, and has decision making skills and ability to motivate her students.

Mrs. Afshan has been part of the school management team, in implementing the School Development Plan & Policies and contributing towards raising of academic standards for all pupils. She has been providing professional and personal support to the teaching staff. She has been working alongside teachers and students to promote good behavior and positive ethos in accordance with the school’s behavior policy. She has also been working with school counselor for the support provided to students with special needs. She is familiar with the School’s Child Protection Policy and in reporting concerns to the designated Child Protection team.