KHDA British School Dubai

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is a reputed education quality assurance and regulatory body that keeps schools in the UAE under check. The Apple International School is the best  KHDA British School Dubai.

  • KHDA publishes annual reports on each school to elaborate on how well a school performed on different parameters.
  • KHDA Reports are a precious tool in deciding which school is the best for your child.
  • Parents are always recommended to study the reports of the prospective school they are considering for their child because a KHDA keeps in mind diverse parameters to judge a school on.
  • It is a handy document that can ease your headaches if you are too lost in the process of choosing a school for your child.
  • The Apple International School excelled on every parameter in the previous cycle of annual reports!
  • The team behind the school outdid themselves yet again, only to assure every parent in Dubai that their child is worth the best education!

The key celebratory takeaways in the KHDA report 2019-2020 were as follows:


  1. The school was triumphantly ranked ‘Good’ overall.


  1. The students were found to be polite, disciplined, and well-mannered in nature. Students at The Apple International School are responsible and have outstanding leadership skills.
  2. The students are constantly innovating new ideas and taking up initiative for events and activities.
  3. The students have excellent personal development skills and manage innovative projects.


  1. The teachers were found to be engaging with the students. They ensured that every student had a general understanding of each concept that they taught them.
  2. Teachers have strong communication and relationships with the parents of the students. The parents are regularly updated on the child’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall progress.
  3. The teachers actively improve on the curriculum and tailor it according to the needs of the students. They aim to make the courses relevant and modern to get the maximum benefit from studying the subject.

The Apple International School has been outperforming other schools and outdoing itself from the past years!

The vigor and passion with which the human resources work to help the school reach great heights are commendable!

But apart from all that, the first and foremost driving factor is OUR STUDENTS.

We believe that a student should be in the passenger seat of the education system, not the other way round.

The curriculum at our school is for the students, of the students, and by the students.

The environment of the school is safe and sound for children. The safeguarding policies, student grievances forums, and other channels to protect students are well-functioning.

All in all, your child deserves to enjoy the fields, auditoriums, and smart classrooms of our school for them to have a memorable school life!

The Apple International School is the top KHDA British School Dubai.  AIS is the best that can shape your child’s life in the most ecstatic and artistic ways, making each child have their own spotlight!

The Apple International School is the place to be!

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