How International schools follow an Effective Education Model

We all want the best for our children, right? To do that, we must first realize that today’s children are getting ready for a world that is very different from the one we live. Hence, the foundation we give them must also be tailored accordingly. We must provide a global education and experience to our children to equip them well for their future. International School’s follow an education model that has been accepted and praised by the best universities in the world. These schools follow the UK National Curriculum or the British Curriculum with a great standing in colleges and universities in the US, UK, and Europe.

Some of the factors that make the International Schools educational model popular are:

Multicultural School Environment

Your child is going to meet people from different countries and cultures in their life. Why not start it early and allow them to develop the skills and experience to interact with them in a healthy way? Multicultural environments also teach children about different parts of the world in a non-academic but binding way.

Would your child not enjoy learning about Italy from an Italian friend rather than a textbook? They would also respect living in harmony this way than from reading about it in a class.

Global Approach and Outlook

It is time to take the glasses out. Education is the biggest way to fuel your child’s imagination and knowledge, and it is only right that it is done from a global perspective. Every subject, every language, and every concept is interpreted differently across the world and learning the different approaches, only widens the child’s knowledge.

An effective education model expands the child’s brain using an onslaught of information, and International schools in Dubai like the Apple International School do just that.

Skill Emphasis

The curriculum and the education model of International schools in Dubai are designed in a way that they place a larger emphasis on skill development than just gaining knowledge. Knowledge is incorporated into the skill framework to ensure the child can imbibe the knowledge more effectively and productively.

International school’s education model focuses on producing a skilled adult rather than a person who has a lot of knowledge but no way to apply it. That is why students from international Schools are preferred in popular universities worldwide.

Social Development

Education is not about giving the qualifications to a child, it is also about making the child a good citizen of our society. International schools focus not only on academics but also give equal importance to community activities. They encourage children to participate in community-led initiatives and give back to society. This strong sense of civic responsibility has an immense impact on a child’s social development.

International schools in Dubai such as the Apple International School, encourage students to be mindful of their environment, community interactions, and social behaviour to mould them into good citizens.

Scholastic Learning

One of the major things missing from the current education system is the lack of opportunities for the children to present their views and questions on any topic. International schools follow an educational model called scholastic learning. It combines the lecture format of teaching with an interactive debate format that allows students to express their views, understand the topic in detail and hear constructive criticism.

This prepares them for the future and enables them to build the ability to think critically and analyze the merits and deficiencies of any concept.


It is no secret that the traditional education system across the world needs a facelift. Our children deserve the opportunity to prepare themselves well for the real world, and International Schools’ effective education model can allow them to do that. We at Apple International School Dubai follow all of the above and ensure your child gets the best.

Should you wish to visit the school or speak to us about your child’s education or how you can unlock your child’s full potential by enrolling them in our school, please feel free to contact us.