Parent as partners

The Apple International School, Dubai considers parents as partners in the development of their child. Through the years, the voice of the parent has always been of utmost importance to us and we are always willing to carefully consider any feedback they give us. The school has a Parent representative body – Parent Forum of The Apple International School, Dubai who are instrumental in guiding and encouraging the school with the views and concerns of the parents they represent. They serve as a link between the school and the general parent body with the aim of making The Apple International School a truly global school. They help in fostering academic, social, cultural and physical development thus preparing children to take their place in the world. Parent meetings are held every term during which suggestions received through the month are addressed. Term wise meetings also ensure that decisions taken are followed up. The Group consists of selected parents from each grade across the school. All parents are welcome to volunteer and be the representatives of the Parent Forum. They are selected by a random draw of lots. The members hold term for one academic year.

Parent as partners

Dr. C.B. Binu is the specialist Child and Adult Psychiatrist at Al Fasht Medical Centre with almost 15 years’ experience in Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorders especially Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning and behavioral disorders and Adult psychiatry. He leads a multidisciplinary team that evaluate, investigate and provided therapeutic intervention to children and adolescents with Childhood Behavioral and Emotional Disorders. Adults with Major Depression, Stress, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Psychotic states, Memory deficits and Addictions are also treated by Dr. Binu with clinical acumen and compassion. Before joining Al Fasht, Dr. Binu was heading Navajyoti Centre for Child Behavioral Sciences, Kusamagiri Hospital, India, which is a super specialized mind institute for childhood neuro – psychiatric syndromes and Autism. He also devised family and school based outreach programs for screening, assessing and treating psychological disorders in child and adolescents in the community. He was also the Consultant Psychiatrist at Indira Gandhi Co- Operative Hospital, Kochi where he delivered outpatient and inpatient services at the Child Guidance Clinic, General Adult Psychiatry, Memory Clinic, De addiction unit and Personality disorders centre. He also served as Non PG Registrar at Christian Medical College, Vellore, during his early years in Psychiatry. Dr. C.B. Binu has also chaired and organized various conferences and seminars on Child developmental Disorders and Adult Psychiatry.

Dr. C.B. Binu. MD Governor of Inclusion (Centre for Child Behavior, Autism & Adult Psychiatry)

Her name is Saima Taj, she comes from Pakistan, raised in UAE. Inspired by her father, she has a vast experience in the hospitality industry and worked for organisation such as international and Jumeirah beach hotel. Being a part of the governing body, she would like The Apple International School to reach its goals with pride and teamwork following the vision and mission of the school. The school is not only about education but also the upbringing of the students. The learning system of the AIS is a joyful experience as each day begins 😀

Ms.Saima Taj SGB Parent Representative

Management professional working as Finance Manager for a leading Trading organization


Mr. Sanjay Mysore Parent governor representative