English schools in Dubai

English schools in Dubai

While moving to Dubai, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is about the schooling of one’s children. This thought can occupy you so hard if your children are moving to Dubai with you. To avoid going into stress or stop letting these things bother you, you must plan for this beforehand. Many English schools in Dubai offer an ideal zone for your children’s education. Especially if you are the one that is looking for a school with a British curriculum for your children, you will find many here.

Among several English schools in Dubai, it’s important to find the one that suits your budget while delivering quality education. For this purpose, make sure to look into the following things to help you choose the right school.

  • British curriculum

The right school in Dubai for your kids must have the British curriculum due to its extensive demand.

  • Fee structure

The fee structure of the school must be affordable for you. It should not affect your financial stability, which may risk your child’s further education.

  • School location

The school must be the location at a good location where your children can also access public transport if needed.

  • School area or size

The school must comprise a large geographical area so that the students can enjoy sports and games inside it along with education.

  • School faculty

The school faculty must be highly qualified, well-behaved, professional, trained, and experiences. All the teachers must be dedicated to teaching and motivated about it.

  • School environment

The school environment must support learning and personality/professional development. It must also support the mental, behavioral, and moral development of the students.

  • Security

Moreover, the right school always offers the highest level of security and safety to its students. So make sure that your chosen school follows the highest security measures or not.

  • School Bus Service

Another important thing is to check if the school offers a bus service. It is important so that your children can safely reach home by using the school bus service if they want.

The Apple International School

The apple international school is one that possesses all the qualities of a good school that is discussed above. From delivering quality education to offer greater security level to the students, apple international school covers it all. Additionally, the building, architecture, the location, and everything about this outstanding school is impressive in all aspects. On top of everything, these schools promise a bright future to its students with all its endeavors to the students’ educational journey.