Cambridge Secondary

The Secondary curriculum is a skills-focused program that provides students with a broad and balanced knowledge of key subjects, as well as develop effective learning skills such as critical thinking skills, communication skills, research skills, collaborative skills, problem-solving skills, innovation and creativity.

The IGCSE course we offer is a two-year programme which begins in year 10 and students sit for their Board Examinations in the year 11. At Apple International School, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is a combination of Cambridge Board(CAIE) as well as Pearson Ed excel Board, with the following subject options:

Compulsory subjects in year 10 and 11: 

  • English as a Second Language / First language English  ( CAIE ) 
  • Mathematics ( CAIE )
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Optional Subjects in year 10 and 11: 

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Languages (Arabic, French, and Urdu)
  • Accounting, Business Studies, Economics
  • Humanities (Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Travel & Tourism and Environmental Management)
  • Art & Design

Students are expected to take eight subjects in the IGCSE course. Students can develop certain key skills that will allow them to be successful across all subject areas which will assist them with future challenges at university and in the workplace.

The AS course we offer from the Academic Year 2021-22 provides increased independence with opportunities to take responsibility and show leadership within the School. AIS offers the course with the combination of academics along with multitude of opportunities to be engaged in extra-curricular activities, as we believe in the overall development of a student is important than just academic excellence.

Subjects Offered for AS Level:

English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, and  Information Technology.