English National Curriculam Primary

Building On Curiosity

Key Stage 1 is an integral part of a student’s learning, where we ensure progression in the development of essential life skills. Students are encouraged to learn through a sense of enquiry and develop a keen desire to know. The school aims to provide a happy, nurturing environment where each child is treated as an individual. With our strong well-defined curriculum, students grow into being well-rounded, happy and responsible people. At Key Stage 2, a wide range of learning strategies are used to make learning effective for the different learning styles of the students. Both the assessment strategies and learning strategies are planned to help develop independent reflective learners. Differentiated learning ensures there is no ceiling set to learning.

The curriculum in Key Stage 2 includes English, mathematics, science, Humanities, Arabic, Islamic Education, Art, ICT, Languages, Moral, social and cultural studies, music, PE

and PSHE which are taught by subject specialists who are experienced in teaching primary children. At this key stage, the learning process is aimed at gaining knowledge methodically and comprehensively. Primary importance is placed on the core subjects of the National Curriculum (English, mathematics and Science). Arabic, as the second language, is taught as a written and spoken language. A choice of subjects – Urdu and French are offered as the 3rd language option. Co-curricular activities such as sports, drama, debate and theme-based projects are organized on a regular basis. Art/ Craft, Painting, Library, Audio Visual classes and ICT skills are also part of the daily time- table. Field trips, picnics, environmental and educational trips are part of the extra-curricular activities. The Primary school studies at The Apple International School promote healthy physical, emotional and spiritual growth as well as comprehensive academic progress. A ‘hands- on’ approach, exploration and discovery rather than rote learning, strengthens teamwork, encourages self- reliance, awakens intellectual curiosity and fosters global awareness.

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