Dear Parents, It is to inform you that currently, seats have been filled in AIS Primary (FS1- Year 4) In case you are willing for registration to be on the waiting list, you can proceed with that. Also, you have the option of admission in sister campuses. For further information regarding admission in sister campus, you can visit the school.

Beyond The Curriculum

Extra Curriculur Activities

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’- and hence Apple-ites are offered a variety of extra- curricular activities to think beyond their regular subjects and unwind themselves.’


Apple follows the motto, “A healthy mind stays in a healthy body.” Sports plays an integral part in the lives of all Apple- ites. The teaching of skills in a wide variety of sports is seen as an essential foundation for the students’ long term development of a healthy lifestyle. Trained physical education experts educate the students in football, basketball, badminton and volley ball not just to keep them active & healthy but also to participate in inter-school competitions. The school aims to give health and fun for all as well as developing excellence in those students with specific talents to take up sports as their profession in the future.

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Regular assemblies are conducted year- wise to promote public speaking skills among Apple-ites. Equal opportunities are provided to all students with activities like elocution, debate, recitation and booktalks to build up their confidence and help them improve their communication skills and their overall personality. This is a two- pronged approach to building confidence. The child acquires public speaking skills as well as gains knowledge by researching the topic he/ she is going to talk about.


Music is developed through vocal activities. There are plenty of opportunities for students of the Foundation Stage to participate in choirs, musicals, cultural performance, dances, elocution and drama thus underlining the school philosophy of self-confidence. The self-confidence will surely prove an asset in the future.


Students will study art and craft under each of the following strands:

  • Creative process
  • Elements and principles of art and design
  • Reflection and appreciation
  • Visual art and society

Our students’ artistic and creative energies are channelled through a series of art competitions, clay modeling competitions and Craft competitions. These competitions provide a platform for self-expression.


Educational trips to historical places and monuments, amusement parks and malls, the zoo, museums, markets provide Apple-ites with the much needed break from regular classroom lessons and help them learn and gain practical knowledge and general awareness from the visits and their experiences. Educational visits are regularly arranged by teachers when there is an opportunity to support a curriculum topic being studied at that time.


Right from the Foundation Stage classes, students are introduced to the art of preparing simple dishes. Their flair for creativity is satisfied when they decorate their sandwiches, salads, dips, etc.


Workshops take the student beyond the classrooms and give them an insight into the subject of the workshop. Environmental workshops, multimedia workshops, technology workshops and general behaviour workshops are all part of the learning process and are conducted in a fun way.


One of the major goals of the IQRA Education is to make provisions for the holistic growth of our children and equip them with knowledge and skills intrinsic to competing in a global community. In order to assist our students in accomplishing these goals, we offer them the opportunity to grow in awareness of the global community, with the Student Enrichment Program. This program is embedded into the curriculum so that our students grow as competent and confident individuals and is purely based on the child’s interests. Activities such as Abacus, Karate, Kinder ballet, Public Speaking, Mad Science club, Basketball, Football and Badminton etc are conducted.