Counselling & Special Needs Educator


The school provides systems for early identification of barriers to learning and participation in school. Specialist support (withdrawal sessions and in class support according to the IEP/IBP) for students which affords them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential, and reach their targets in collaboration with their parents. The counselling department provides special attention to children with learning difficulties or special educational needs. The counsellor and special educator supports the students who need individual attention to help them achieve academic success and improve their personality. The counsellor is patient with the students and understands their behaviour patterns and works accordingly. Individual, group and career counselling is provided. A close collaboration between the school, the counsellor, the parents and the student is a sure method for success.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

The Apple International School follows inclusion program as directed by KHDA. We identify and assess children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) at early stages. Children with additional needs are catered for within the classroom and are supported by the school’s Special Educator and Counsellor. Their progress is monitored regularly to ensure that their needs are met with the help of a suitable program as guided by KHDA. We recognize and celebrate the talents of our students and ensure that every child’s talent and ability is nurtured and developed as they progress through their education. Equal opportunities are provided to cater to their needs through differentiation of the curriculum and through the provision of a wide variety of activities. The school has a specific policy for special needs children.