You Need To Apply To This Secondary School In Dubai This Year!

The British curriculum is renowned all over the world for well-structured, student-centric education. The curriculum focuses on the depth and breadth of knowledge of an individual child. It has well-defined Key Stages to provide a clear understanding of progress to their guardians and teachers. British schools push students beyond conventional shackles of education, encouraging them […]

Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Child

The initial days of school are always the best because they are the beginning of a wonderful journey! Being a parent is the most important job in the world. It also an indispensable one and requires more than just knowledge or skills. As parents, we constantly draw on our experience and use it to provide […]

Best British School in Dubai

Education is no longer about rote learning or rigid grade-based systems. Instead, it focuses on raising independent, confident, empathetic, and self-aware children who grow up to create compassionate, happy, and lively communities. The Apple International School is one of the leading British schools in Dubai that is working diligently to offer world-class education with a […]

Top British schools in Dubai

Top British schools in Dubai The thing that bothers everyone moving to Dubai with family is their children’s education. Right after moving to Dubai, it seems very difficult for many people to choose the best school out of so many. In such a confusing situation, everyone around you would insist on choosing the top British […]

Why is the British Curriculum Schools in Dubai?

After moving to Dubai with family, the most challenging thing is to find the Best British Curriculum Schools in Karama Dubai. It is crucially important to ensure giving quality education to your children. If they are the graduates of one of the Best British Curriculum Schools in Dubai, they will surely have a bright future […]