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The Apple International School, Dubai is open for enrollments. Online registrations are open for FS 1 to Year 10 for the academic year 2021-2022
Best Schools in Dubai

Best Schools in Dubai Choosing the best schools in Dubai is the most challenging task for many people that ultimately end up making the wrong choices. Several people fail to identify which school is the best for their children and then give up on this search. Ultimately, they choose a school for their children that […]

Best British schools in Sharjah

Best British schools in Sharjah While looking for the best British schools in Sharjah, it is important to consider several things first. Sharjah is rich with many British schools on which you can completely rely on your child’s education. However, before you choose any one of them, make sure to pay attention to the following […]

Best British Schools in Dubai

Best British Schools in Dubai If you’re thinking about moving to Dubai with your family, take some time first for the initial planning stage. Decide where you will live with your family, where you will work, or where your children will study in Dubai. These things are very important to decide before you actually move […]

British School in Sharjah

A British school in Sharjah is the most desired place for british students who are planning to pursue their career in United Arab Emirates. What else can be better than studying our own syllabus in a different country altogether! Native curriculum and atmosphere is what everyone seeking education in a british school in Sharjah wants. […]

best schools in Dubai
Searching for Best Schools in Dubai ?

Are you searching for Best schools in Dubai? Let us help you out. There is some information on the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) report which we would like to share with you. According to the latest KHDA report 2019. From 176 schools inspected, 28 schools are rated Very Good, 74 schools are rated […]