Why should your child study in a British Curriculum School?

Every parent wants the best for their child. What starts with necessities often moves on to find a place where the children can be educated well and equipped for their future. We have often witnessed parents ponder upon and weigh multiple options when it comes to choosing a school. While picking a curriculum often is the first step, finding affordable British schools in Dubai can be tricky, unless parents clearly know what they are looking for.

There’s always this buzz about British Curriculum schools. It is what the best schools in Dubai have in common, too. However, most parents jump onto the bandwagon just because their peers or others are doing the same. But why? What makes the British Curriculum special?

British Curriculum Simplified

The British curriculum established in the United Kingdom is designed to drive the complete transformation of students with the help of a wide range of subjects. The education system breaks down learning into key stages. The foundation is set by teaching basic numeracy and literacy skills. As the children move on to different key stages, the curriculum imparts higher-order thinking skills through multi-disciplinary activities. The British curriculum stands in contrast with other curriculums that promote rote culture and encourage independent learning instead.

Why should your child study in a British curriculum school?

British curriculum schools in Dubai help to groom the children and equip them for the future. The British Curriculum is designed to develop a core understanding of reading, writing, mathematics, and the other key skills required during the early key stage. The education system is about building interest rather than forcing them to follow what others do.

Affordable British curriculum schools in Dubai have a holistic learning and development ecosystem. The system gives equal importance to personal, social and economic education. Hence, along with academic excellence, the students also learn about respect and good manners, which ensures personal development and social skills.

The later key stages prepare the students for the real world by preparing students for leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, global awareness, and more. The holistic nature of the British curriculum hence, makes it a favourite amongst universities and employers, too.

Choosing British Curriculum schools in Dubai has its perks. It is a globally recognised system and hence can jump-start children’s higher education and career. The curriculum is structured to allow the students to explore their interests and gradually build their understanding of various subjects. This takes off the pressure students otherwise feel. The British curriculum is skills-based and emphasizes knowledge application. Such an approach suits the modern world, where applicable skill sets are of more value.

The Apple International School is an affordable British curriculum school in Dubai. Ours is a multi-cultural school that values personal development as much as academic excellence. Our academic staff takes immense care to assist in the emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of their students. The learning style at Apple International leans more toward practical applications in a safe environment. While we pay great attention to academic excellence, we also promote extracurricular activities. We allow the students to flourish in the area they are talented in and create learning strategies that cater to individual learning styles.

The Apple International School is a part of LEAMS Education which stands for Leading Education And Management Solutions. The primary goal of LEAMS Education is to provide a quality, affordable, best-in-class learning environment to students in UAE.