A Quick Guide for Choosing the Right British Curriculum School in Dubai for Your Child

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The education sector has been in a constant state of evolution. Across the globe different learning models, curriculums and teaching styles are being developed to make learning more engaging and adaptable for children. With that being said, choosing the right school for their children hence becomes one of the most important decisions parents have to make. With each passing year, this question becomes increasingly complex in the UAE. Here’s a quick guide for choosing the right British Curriculum school in Dubai for your child.

Choosing the right school for your child is almost like paving the path toward lifelong learning, prestigious higher education, and a successful career. Here’s what you should ideally look for:

The Learning Methodology and Environment

Each child is unique. Despite having a similarity, they each have an own individuality. This is why finding a school that teaches in a way that an individual child learns best, is important. British schools in Dubai focus on the exceptional blend of a child’s abilities, interests, and needs. The learning methodology is built to sharpen the mental, physical, and emotional sides of each child.

The best schools in Dubai are known to take care of a child’s unique needs in a safe and nourishing environment. The British curriculum is designed to prepare children for the future. It works by narrowing subject areas according to individual interests and ability, allowing them to gradually create a path for themselves without pressure.

The Interactions

Another aspect that makes a school recommendable is the interaction between teachers and students. This often comes even before the curriculum.  Dubai British schools have teachers who are compassionate and engaged with the students. Each student is given equal importance and the focus lies in honing the skills and working on the weaknesses to drive a complete intellectual and behavioural growth.  The teaching methodologies and execution of the curriculum too are highly customised and constantly upgraded to match the needs of the students.

Holistic Development

The best schools in Dubai, value academics and discipline along with the emotional and social well-being of your children. British curriculum schools in Dubai give importance to the holistic development of children by perfectly balancing academics and extracurricular activities.

The Apple International School is an all-inclusive school. We have a distinguished team of teachers and staff faculty members who take pride in taking care of the students and instilling the right values in them. We are amongst the best British curriculum schools in Dubai. We greatly value diversity and are proud of providing a comfortable learning environment for students from all cultural and economic backgrounds. Our school believes in the concept of matching the pace of change and hence makes appropriate changes in the curriculum and other aspects, to provide our students with the most favourable learning experiences that keep them appropriately challenged and yet bring in the right learning.