Best British School in Dubai

Education is no longer about rote learning or rigid grade-based systems. Instead, it focuses on raising independent, confident, empathetic, and self-aware children who grow up to create compassionate, happy, and lively communities. The Apple International School is one of the leading British schools in Dubai that is working diligently to offer world-class education with a holistic approach that contributes to the emotional, physical, and mental well-being of the young generation.

With a team of goal-oriented, passionate, and experienced individuals, the Apple International School lives by core values that revolve around children’s overall growth and well-being. Adhering to the KHDA standards and abiding by the Dubai Inclusive Schools Education Policy, we are one of the best British schools in Dubai.


‘Work with the child and not against’ is the motto that drives the functioning and performance of our school. Children are intuitive beings, and at the Apple School, teachers are trained to hold their hands and guide them to tread the path which naturally brings them joy. The school strictly opposes the idea of ability-based labeling and promotes universal strategies like ‘whole class differentiation,’ enabling children to follow their creativity and unique abilities.

Special Features:

The Apple International School possesses the following special features that make it one of the best British schools in Dubai, without a second thought:

Academic Excellence:

At the Apple School, teachers are all geared to facilitate child-led learning, so the students feel self-motivated to study. Hence, the consequences of which are excellent academic performances without unnecessary pressure.

Integrated Classrooms:

We believe integrated classrooms are the key to promoting unbiased education amongst students from various cultural and religious backgrounds. The classroom atmosphere is thoroughly maintained to allow children to freely mingle with each other regardless of their ethnicity, promoting healthy co-existence.

Productive Learning Environment:

Learning is always supposed to be fun and intriguing. By providing a joyful environment, students feel naturally inclined towards productive routines, proactive involvement, and obtain a growth mindset. So, the teaching tactics are highly organized at Apple, enabling children to explore, learn, and prosper.

Emotional Intelligence based Training:

The Apple International School stands ahead of the crowd with our remarkable emotional intelligence-based training that gives equal importance to EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) and IQ. The core of the curriculum lies in building a strong sense of emotional intelligence in children to help them grow into compassionate, self-confident, and life-long learners.

Passionate Educators:

The teaching staff is determined to offer safe, secure, and happy learning environments that stimulate personal growth and lead to better academic results. Our policy has always been to work with the child and remain the same forever.

Comfortable Infrastructure:

Comfortable seating, spacious, well-ventilated, and properly lightened rooms all together make the Apple School worthier to be titled as one of the leading British schools in Dubai. We understand how a clean and comfortable environment can impact learning and hence ensure to offer the best-in-class infrastructure to our children and parents.

Peaceful Ambience:

The Apple School has two different campuses, spread across hundreds of acres of land, for primary and secondary classes. The geographical location is well-chosen, and it is easily accessible to people from all corners of Dubai.

Extra-curricular Activities:

In addition to brilliant academics, the school is reputed for conducting varied extra-curricular activities and encourages students’ participation. Our sole purpose is to contribute to the overall growth of children and transform them into strong, independent individuals.

Best Safety and Security Systems:

Rigid security systems and uncompromised safety standards are the norms. Once parents leave their children at school, the higher authorities ensure maximum safety for all the students within the campus.

Affordable Fee Structure:

Understanding the varied income backgrounds, the administration at Apple formulated a very flexible fee structure that offers generous discounts. Our primary motive is to invite people towards education and not be barred by financial restrictions.

Mandatory Parental Involvement:

Fostering a child’s growth is teamwork that involves teaching staff, school authorities, and most importantly, parents. Mandatory parent-teacher meet-ups and regular child-progress updates are primary means to ensure proper parental involvement.

A School that Fosters Personal and Professional Growth

The Apple International School leaves no stone unturned to stand as one of the best British schools in Dubai. From offering high-class academic education to working towards creating resilient and confident individuals, we are equipped to lead the young generation towards growth and prosperity.