Fees and Payments 2022-23

As a Top British Schools In Dubai We offer a convenient flexible payment plan for an excellent education. We strive to make the payment process as easy as possible with an array of payment options.

Fee Structure for 2022/2023 

Year Discounted Tuition Fees (AED) *Mandatory
Annual Fee (AED)
External Exams Fee *Optional
Annual Fee (AED)
Total Fee (AED)
FS1 6,465.00 2,311.00 150.00 315.75 9,241.75
FS2 6,698.00 2,311.00 150.00 515.75 9,674.75
Year 1 7,580.00 2,506.00 350.00 315.75 10,751.75
Year 2 7,580.00 2,567.00 350.00 315.75 10,812.75
Year 3 7,580.00 2,694.00 375.00 315.75 10,964.75
Year 4 7,580.00 2,766.00 375.00 315.75 11,036.75
Year 5 8,698.00 2,825.00 375.00 315.75 12,213.75
Year 6 9,623.00 2,825.00 375.00 315.75 13,138.75
Year 7 10,394.00 2,825.00 375.00 315.75 13,909.75
Year 8 12,301.00 2,859.00 375.00 315.75 15,850.75
Year 9 12,263.00 2,925.00 375.00 1,365.75 16,928.75
Year 10 13,779.00 2,925.00 375.00 1,365.75 18,444.75
Year 11 15,300.00 1,800.00 100.00 1,365.75 18,565.75
Year 12 16,400.00 1,800.00 100.00 1,665.75 19,965.75
Year 13 20,680.00 1,800.00 100.00 1,665.75 24,245.75

*Details of Annual fees : 

Fee Type Annual Fee Amount Applicable for
Application Fee AED 525.00  ( Application Fee AED 500 + VAT 25 ) Only for new admissions. It is a non-refundable fee payable upon application.
Admission Fee AED 500.00 Not Applicable
Activity Fee AED 600.00 FS1 to Year 13
Computer Fee AED 500.00 FS1 to Year 13
Medical Fee AED 250.00 FS1 to Year 13
E – Learning AED 250.00 FS1 to Year 13
Apps & Cyber Security(Optional) AED 200.00 FS2
AED 300.00 Year 1 to Year 13
Books(Mandatory) & Stationery(Optional) AED 815.00 FS1 to Fs2
Books Fee AED 727.00 Year 1
AED 790.00 Year 2
AED 921.00 Year 3
AED 995.00 Year 4
AED 1056.00 Year 5 to Year 7
AED 1091.00 Year 8
AED 1159.00 Year 9 to Year 10
Resource Fee AED 200.00 Year 1 to Year 13
External Exam Fees AED 150.00 FS1 to Fs2
AED 350.00 Year 1 to Year 2
AED 375.00 Year 3 to Year 10
AED 100.00 Year 11 to Year 13
School ID Card (Optional) AED 15.75 FS1 to Year 13 ( including VAT)
Laboratory fee (Optional) AED 1050.00 Year 9 to Year 11
AED 1350.00 Year 12 to Year 13

Fee Discount for A.Y. 2022-2023

  • Year 9, 10 & 11- 10% discount on Annual Tuition Fees
  • Yr 12 & Yr 13 – 20% discount on Annual Tuition Fees.
  • Sibling Discount.
Sibling Type No. of Children Applicable Discount
One Sibling 2 AED 300 discount on Annual optional fees
More than One Sibling More than 2 AED 300 discount on Annual optional fees for all children

Scholarship and Eligibility

Scholarship percentage on Annual Tuition Fees based on Eligibility ( mentioned in the below eligibility table )

Academic :-  Applicable for Board Examination
Exams Class Score Scholarship % on Annual Tuition Fee
IGCSE Board Exam Year 11 8A* Additional 10%
IGCSE Board Exam Year 11 7A* & 1A* Additional 5%
GCE Board Exam AS Level 4A* Additional 10%
GCE Board Exam AS Level 3A* Additional 5%
GCE Board Exam A Level 4A* Additional 10%
GCE Board Exam A Level 3A* Additional 5%


Non Academic :-  Applicable for National & International sports/games categories – Badminton, Chess, Karate, Tennis, Table Tennis &  Swimming
National & International Scholarship % on Annual Tuition Fee
Winner 20%
Rank Holder 15%
Participant 10%

Payment Methods

  • Cash, credit card, and cheque payments can be made at the School Fee Counter,
  • Online Payment – Making an online payment is so easy. Login to the parent E-Portal using the link https://portal.apple.sch.ae/. (transaction charges may apply-1%)
  • Wire transfer – Fees can be paid by direct bank transfer to the below mentioned bank account of the school :
Beneficiary Name Apple International School
A/C Number 019000047864
IBAN AE350330000 019000047864
Bank Mashreq Bank
Currency AED

Important Notes

  • The School fee structure is set in compliance with the rules and regulations. It may change subject to the approval of  KHDA.
  • Cheque payments are subject to clearance into the bank account of the school.
  • Cheques shall be deposited on due date and cannot be postponed in any circumstances.
  • A penalty of AED 250/- shall be applicable for every dishonored cheque.
  • The School fee is payable in 3 instalments for FS1 to Year 10 and for Years 11 to 13 in 2 Instalments. Term-I fee must be paid in order to allot section for your child(ren).
  • School Uniforms to be purchased separately.
  • School Books to be purchased separately.

Transport Fee

The school shall facilitate transportation of the students at affordable cost. A reputed company associated with the school, who has an excellent track record in the UAE will handle the student transport services. Transport fee is subject to the area of residence and the fee details will be available from the school.

Transport Discontinuation and Refunds

  1. Transportation fee is applicable per term depending on the date of commencement.
  2. The minimum period for school transportation is one month. Therefore, one month’s fee will be applicable even if the student is enrolled for a lesser period.
  3. Service discontinuation will only be accepted by the school at the end of an Academic term. If any students apply for discontinuation of transportation before the end of the Academic term, no refund will be provided for any unexpired period of that term.
  4. Parents should provide at least one month’s notice to the representative of the Transport company (Guardian One) in the specified form. If service discontinuation is required without notice, one month’s notice period fee will be applicable.
  5. If the fees are paid by the cheque, it cannot be post-poned in any circumstances. In the event of dishonor of cheque, transport service will be suspended immediately until clearance of the fees and a cheque dishonor fee of AED 250/- will be applicable.
  6. If the students are suspended/deregistered from school transport service due to behavioral issues or failing to observe bus service standards/regulatory protocols, the school will not refund any transport fee.
  7. Transport fee is calculated from the start of the service/ term till the date of official request by the parent stating the intent of withdrawal. School will not consider the date when the student was absent/not using the transport service for any refund calculations.
  8. In case of any excess amount after charging the applicable fees, the refund shall be made within 30 days of receipt of the completed form for service discontinuation. All payments will be through the account payee cheques (in the name of the parent who had initially paid, or any person authorized by the parent) and not in cash. In case of payments by theemployers/company of the parents, the refund also will only be given to the same entities.


To know more about enrollment, kindly contact our PRE.


Name Contact Email
Abdul Nishad +971504275808 transport_primary@apple.sch.ae



Name Contact Email
Kesia David +971565150268 pre.aisc@guardianonetransport.com


The Registration fee and the Admission fee are non-refundable in all circumstances, except when the school reject for the student.

In the case of refund of the school fees, the fees will be calculated as follows:

  • If the student was enrolled in the school for two weeks or less, a month’s fees will be deducted.
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for a period ranging between two weeks and one month, two months’ fees will be deducted.
  • If the student was enrolled in the school for more than a month, the full term’s fees will be deducted.
  • The refund will be calculated from the start of the term and the date of the official request by the parent stating the intent of withdrawal and not from the date when the student was absent. Being on the school register counts as days in school.
  • Fees refund will be processed by way of cheque only even it is paid by cash, by credit card or online.
  • For new student if the parent withdraw the admission before start of the Academic Year , 10% of the Annual Tuition Fee is non-refundable (Registration Deposit mentioned in the KHDA)

Student Withdrawal

All students withdrawing from the school must submit a notification of their withdrawal in writing to the registrar’s office. A 30 days notification period is required to ensure all necessary documents are ready.

Non-Payment of Fees

Students may not be permitted to appear for the school examination if their fees are not paid. Failure to pay school fees may result in loss of the student’s place in the school, withholding of their school reports, references and/or examination results, as well as temporary or permanent expulsion or exclusion from school.

Fees Payment due date and Amount : 

Year Term – I Term – II Term – III Total
FS1                   5,362.75             1,940        1,940                             9,241.75
FS2                   5,655.95             2,009        2,009                             9,674.75
Year 1                   6,203.75             2,274        2,274                           10,751.75
Year 2                   6,264.75             2,274        2,274                           10,812.75
Year 3                   6,416.75             2,274        2,274                           10,964.75
Year 4                   6,488.75             2,274        2,274                           11,036.75
Year 5                   6,994.95             2,609        2,609                           12,213.75
Year 6                   7,364.95             2,887        2,887                           13,138.75
Year 7                   7,673.35             3,118        3,118                           13,909.75
Year 8                   8,470.15             3,690        3,690                           15,850.75
Year 9                   9,570.95             3,679        3,679                           16,928.75
Year 10                 10,177.35             4,134        4,134                           18,444.75
Year 11                 10,915.75        7,650.00 NA                           18,565.75
Year 12                 11,765.75        8,200.00 NA                           19,965.75
Year 13                 13,905.75      10,340.00 NA                           24,245.75

Fees Payment Due Dates ( for existing students )

Term Class Due Date
Term – I FS to Year 13 31st Aug 2023
Term – II FS to Year 10 31st Dec 2023
Year 11 to Year 13 31st Jan 2024
Term – III FS to Year 10 31st Mar 2024