Fee Structure 2019-20

Class Tuition Fees Activity Fee Medical Fee E-learning Resource Fee Computer Fee Admission Fee School ID card Stationery Fee External Exam Fee Laboratory Fee-Science Student Apps & Cyber security Total Fee
FS1 6465 600 250 250 500 15 300 150 8530
FS2 6698 600 250 250 500 15 300 150 200 8963
1 7580 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 350 300 10545
2 7580 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 350 300 10545
3 7580 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 375 300 10570
4 7580 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 375 300 10570
5 8698 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 375 300 11688
6 9623 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 485 300 12723
7 10394 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 375 300 13384
8 12301 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 375 300 15291
9 13626 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 625 1050 300 17916
10 15310 600 250 250 200 500 500 15 525 1050 300 19500

Regsitration Fee-500 AED



Registration Fee Dhs.500/- per child. (Payable upon registration, non-refundable)
Admission Fee Dhs.500/- per child. (Payable upon admission, non-refundable)
Activity Fee Dhs.600/- per annum.
Computer Fee Dhs.500/- per annum. (Year 1 to Year 10)
Medical Fee Dhs.250/- per annum
E – Learning Dhs.250/- per annum
Apps & Cyber Security Dhs. 200/- per annum (FS2) , Dhs.300/- per annum (Year 1 to Year 10)
Stationery Dhs.300/- per annum (only for FS)
Resource Fee Dhs.200/- per annum (Year 1 to Year 10)
IBT/External Exam Fees Dhs.150/- Per annum (FS) , Dhs.350/-Per annum (Year1 to year 2) , Dhs.375/- per annum (Year 3 to 5)

Dhs.485/- per annum (Year 6) , Dhs.375/- per annum (Year 7 to 8) ,Dhs.625/- per annum (Year 9)

Dhs.525/- per annum (Year 10)

School ID Card Dhs.15/-
Laboratory fee Dhs.1050/- ( Year 9 to 10 )



Option 1: Payment by Term: Term fees should be paid during the first week of September, January and April
Option 2: One-time payment: Beginning of the academic year
  • Uniforms to be purchased as per the students’ measurements
  • Transportation fees will be according to the area of residence
  • School fees are likely to be changed subject to ministry approval
  • Books to be purchased separately
School Transport System

 “Apple International School” has partnered with Gulf Pinnacle Transport LLC for provisioning transport service to our students.

Gulf Pinnacle Transport (GPT) (www.gulfpinnacletransport.com) is strongly committed towards providing quality transport service by maintaining the highest level of safety, outstanding customer service and positive employee relations.  They take great pride in bringing international best practices and technology to support education by making sure children have safe, comfortable and reliable transportation to the School and back home.GPT buses are packed with the following key start-of-the-art safety features to protect our students:

  • GPS Tracking facility: The tracking of the vehicle and other on-board data is done on real-time basis.  The location of the vehicle and students can be viewed which will be made available to School Administration and parent
  • Video Surveillance System: All the buses will be mounted with cameras with multi-angle views.  The digital recordings will be secured and will be shared with School administrators to analyze incidents and support disciplinary action.
  • Electronic Attendance & Mobile App: The technological measures include electronic attendance and Parents App where the student attendance is captured on real-time; parents get real-time notification of students movement in and out of the school bus.
  • Preventive Maintenance: GPT had developed a comprehensive preventive maintenance program for its vehicles which is essential to the safe and efficient operation of the School Buses.  The program reduces vehicles breakdowns, accidents due to faulty equipment, lowers maintenance cost and enhances safety in School buses.

The drivers of GPT and female bus attendants of the school are trained to follow the safety standards as per the requirements of Apple International School, GPT and Road & Transport Authority, Dubai.All the parents who wish to avail of the school transport service, shall complete the Transport Registration Form which is readily available with the Parents Relation Executive (PRE) of GPT who is deployed in the school.  The PRE is available on phone and email:

 Ms.Shivani,  PRE–Mob : 056 515 1020 , Email : pre.ais@gulfpinnacletransport.com

Payment can be made in cash or by cheque (made payable to Gulf Pinnacle Transport LLC) to the GPT desk in the School which will remain open from Sundays – Thursdays from 8:15 AM – 1:30 PM.  Payments through credit card facility will be made available to the parents from second week of September 2017.


Transportation Fee Structure – Apple International School
Area/Route Annual Fees (2020-2021) Term 1 (Sept – Dec) (AED) Term 2 (Jan – Mar) (AED) Term 3 (Apr – Jun) (AED)
Al Qusais,Muhaisnah,Al Twar, Al Nahda 1,Al Nahda 2,Al Mamzar, Abu
4,450.00 1,780.00 1,335.00 1,335.00
Hor Al Anz, Hamriya,Al Wuheida, Muraqqabat,Al Baraha, Naif,Al Muteena, Al Rigga, Rashidiya, Mirdif,Al Warqqa, Sharjah (Al Nahda, Al Taawun,Al Majaz, Al Khan, Buheirah,Al Wahda, Jamal Abdul Nasser) 5,000.00 2,000.00 1,500.00 1,500.00
Sharjah (Al Qasimiya, Abu Shagara, Rolla, King Faisal Street,Muweilah) 5,250.00 2,100.00 1,575.00 1,575.00
Bur Dubai,Karama, Satwa, Jaffliya, Al Jaddaf,International City, Ras Al
5,400.00 2,160.00 1,620.00 1,620.00
Jumeirah,Al Quoz,Ajman 5,550.00 2,220.00 1,665.00 1,665.00


1.Gulf Pinnacle Transport operates the buses in compliance with the guidelines of regulatory authorities.

2. All drivers of GPT are fully trained, holding RTA issued school bus driving licence and participate in our ongoing drivers’ training courses. They undergo a minimum of 40 hours of Safe Drivers’ Training Course, in a year.

3. All buses have designated pick up and drop off points.

4. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to ensure that their child / children is/are at the pick-up point at the designated time. Buses will not leave from collection points ahead of schedule. However, due to traffic pressures, buses will not be able to wait at pick-up points after the scheduled time. Due to traffic delays buses may arrive at pick-up and drop-off points behind schedule.

5.Children up to Grade 4 will not be left at the drop off point unless the designated adult is present to collect them. Adults designated to pick up children should carry photo ID in the event that verification of identity is required. In case an adult is not available at the drop off point the children will be brought back to school and handed over to the School Administration. Parents should then pick the children from school.

6.Written request, signed by the parent/guardian, for reasons of safety and security, is required if a drop-off other than usual is requested.

7.Parents are required to inform the drivers / Operations Executive if a student is absent on a particular day. If a student does not want to use the return trip on any particular day the parent should give a written communication / send an e-mail to the Operations Executive.

In case of change of residence, provision of transport service will be subject to the availability of seats on established routes. Fees as applicable to the new pick up area as per the fee structure will apply.

8. Children with contagious disease are not permitted to travel in the bus.

9. For safety reasons, eating and drinking on the bus other than water will not be permitted.

10. For safety reasons, all passengers are prohibited to bring sharp or hazardous objects inside the bus. In case of such event that the passenger has brought an object which can considered as a safety concern, the object will be confiscated by the Bus Attendant and same will be handed over to the respected School Authority.

11. GPT reserve the right to decline provision of service. Allocation of bus facility will be based on the availability of seat in the bus plying in the area.

12.All GPT vehicles, drivers and passengers are insured. In case of any claim due to accident, the company’s liability is limited to the comprehensive compensation paid by the insurance company, as per the terms of the insurance policy.

13.Parents or guardians shall compensate the company for any damages caused / sustained by the bus orother travellers as a result of inappropriate action by their child/children.

14.  GPT may use e-mail id / mobile number of the parents for conveying messages / sending newsletter / circulars.


  1. Registration for Transport Service

 1.All students who require the services of GPT shall apply in a prescribed form available on the website or at the school.

2.The application form available on the website gulfpinnacletransport.com or at the school counter should be completed and submitted by the parent. All asterisk marked columns must be filled up.

3.Every transport user should have a NFC Technology Identity Card in order to take the Electronic Attendance. Student should always carry their ID card with them while travelling the GPT buses. This is emphasised for the safety of the students.

  • Payment of Fees

1.Based on the signed up application form / online registration student will make payment of fees based on the fee structure applicable in the particular school.

2.Transport fee is applicable and charged for ten months in an academic year, divided in three terms. Full payment for each term should be done irrespective of the number of working days.

3.In case of new admissions during the term, after 15th of the beginning of the term, fee will be charged on pro rate from the date of start of service.

4.Following options are given to parents for payment of fees –

  •    Cash / Credit Cards at the GPT counter in the school
  •   Cheque in favour of ‘Gulf Pinnacle Transport’ at the GPT counter in the school Standing Order for Auto Debit of Transport Fees
  1. If the transport fee is not paid before the fifth of the first month of the term service will not be available from the next day.
  • Direct Payment by Companies

 In case of direct payment of transport fee to GPT by the parent’s Companies it should be informed at the time of registration. The Companies should be advised to make the payment latest by 10th of the first month of the term failing which the service will be declined.

  • Dishonour of Cheques

1.AED 150/- will be charged in case of dishonor of cheques.

2.Only cash / credit card payments will be accepted in case of dishonour of cheques.

  •  Invoices

 1.Invoices can be collected from the school / GPT counters at the time of payment.

2.The individual Proforma invoice shall be issued to those parents who will be getting re-imbursement from their employer.

  • Transport Discontinuation


1.Transport Facility once availed will not be withdrawn during the term. No refund will be made for the unexpired portion of the term, in case of withdrawal from transport facility. In case of discontinuation due to transfer from school at least two week notice should be given to the Representative in the specified form. In case of transfer a copy of the transfer certificate should be handed over to the representative of. In this case fee will be charged till the month (inclusive of the month) the student uses the service.

2.Discontinuation of transport facility for the ensuing term should be intimated in the specified form (available with at the counter in school / at the website) at least two weeks before the end of the previous term.

3.The fee shall be paid till the month the student leaves the school (inclusive of the month). If the payment is done for the full year or term refund will be done for the succeeding months.

4. In case of temporary discontinuation due to long leave for more than a month on medical grounds etc, a letter should be submitted from the Principal along with the discontinuation form, for the approval of competent authority. No temporary discontinuation is permissible for the months of June, December and March.


  • Transport Fee Refund

1.Fee refund is applicable only in cases where fees for more than one term have been paid by the parent and facility not availed for the succeeding term(s).

2. In case of temporary discontinuation on medical grounds the fee paid can be adjusted for the next term / month, if approved by the competent authority.

3. In case of discontinuation for any reason other than at the end of the academic year, a ‘service charge’ of AED 100/- is applicable. This charge will also be applicable for return of Post Dated Cheques.

4. Refund shall be made only through account payee cheques (in the name of the parent who had initially paid or any person authorized by the parent) and not in cash.

5. Any adjustment for fee waiver / change of area shall be done by the third working day of the subsequent month.

  • Area Change

      1.The parents should provide the Area Change form (available at the GPT counter in the school / website) to the Representative of GPT in the school. The parent will be informed of the availability of seat in the bus plying in the new area.