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During the second week of October (8th – 12th) 2017, yellow colour was introduced in the classes using yellow things from the environment.


Every colour has its own importance. Colour can influence our emotions, actions and how we respond to various people, things and ideas, Like Red symbolizes vitality, white-purity and green life, yellow is for wisdom and intellectual energy.


The motive of celebrating yellow colour day was to make the children aware of yellow colour and its significance.


A day was set aside for the children to bring their favourite yellow fruit, lunch boxes was filled with bananas melons, pineapples and mangoes. Orange juice was also prepared in class with the children.


Focusing on the theme and to make students understand the importance of yellow colour, teachers planed craft and collage work for the children which they happily took home


Attractive yellow coloured toys like racing cars, teddy bears, dolls, balls, balloons, flying discs, flowers and masks made the learning environment active and sporty.


To recapitulate and reinforce the colour, cheerful children attired in yellow outfits were sparkling with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Beams of yellow shades carried the promise of a positive future flashing creative thoughts in the young minds.


They spent the day with utmost enjoyment.

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