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The energy crisis is a broad and complex topic. Most people don’t feel connected to its reality unless the price of gas at the pump goes up or there are lines at the gas station. The energy crisis is something that is ongoing and getting worse, despite many efforts.

Students of 7D presented their assembly on the theme ‘World Energy Day’, to create awareness amongst students.

Salim Sabri and Yousuf Muhammad Nabi compered for the day and greeted everyone with a hearty welcome.

The assembly commenced with the recitation of a verse from the Holy Quran by Muhammad Ibrahim and its translation by Mahdi Hussain. This was followed by the UAE National Anthem and the school vision song.

Salim explained the purpose and importance of World Energy Day, which was followed by a short mime performance by the students. In this mime, the students portrayed the sad reality of the waste of energy where the people waste energy without realizing the hardships faced by a person who is suffering a lot due to lack of energy resources.

After the performance, the thought of the day was described by Suleman followed by the news reporter Sarib Hussain.

Then, the respected Section Head, Ms. Tripti was invited on stage. She appreciated the students for the wonderful assembly presented and shared useful information with students and teachers about the importance of energy in the modern age. It brought down the curtain to that day’s assembly.

Assembly was dispersed by Sports Captain.

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