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It may be very embarrassing at times whenever one is asked to define the word, ‘Education’. An embarrassment coming not from the fact that there isn’t any definition one may want to propose, but from the fact that there are many and one may not know the one to advance at any point in time.

Education as a university or a professional course constitutes of several sciences, called Sciences of education: Applied psychology, Applied sociology, Philosophy, General Pedagogy, Methodology, etc. Each of these sciences proposes a definition which may be more or less true, thus making the word an ambiguous or a polysemy one. A particular definition for this word may only  be accepted at any point in time, depending on the frame work in which it is defined, for the definition a pedagogue may propose may not surely be the same with that which a sociologist, psychologist or philosopher may propose.

However, in the circumstance of an interview or assessment, where candidates are expected to bring forth elements of answers to all the questions asked, we may do justice if we tolerate the philosophical definition for this word, owing to the fact that all the said sciences emanated from philosophy.

Even when it comes to Philosophy, there is no stereotype definition universally accepted because all the grand philosophers who have made an attempt to define this word, be it in the antics or in the contemporaries, have always done so basing their definitions on the realities of a particular historical and/or social epoch. If one considers the dynamic nature of societal realities, one must affirm, without fear of contradiction, that these definitions are bound to change with time.

All human collectivities always find it a necessity to define this word so as to be able to define the Educational system they may want to adopt.  The collectivity of the Apple International School, Dubai is not exception to this phenomenon. We take Education to be, ‟That gradual, graduated and existential process that tends to remove man from the brutal state of nature in which he is born and to let him ascend to that refined state of culture which the society needs him to be. Culture here, being that which distinguishes man from an animal.”

The three key words used in this definition could be explained as follows:

Gradual: Education is a gradual process in the sense that it takes long to educate.            We cannot educate an individual in a single day.

Graduated: it is a graduated process in that, it goes step by step, from simple to   complex or from concrete to abstract.

Existential: It is an existential process because it revolves around man. It is Man who educates and it is Man who has to be educated.

It is in this light that we  of The apple International School, Dubai have opted for TIC-TOC learning which we think is a sine qua non ingredient for the training of the world citizen which modern day societies need.

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