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The first reflection task for this week took me down the memory lane and as I sat pondering and contemplating about who my best teachers were, I posed this question to myself, how do I pass my judgement about who were my best teachers. Do I have the expertise to measure the goodness in my teachers?
I remember all most all of my teachers from school and college, some for their in depth knowledge, some for their classroom management skills, some for their charismatic personalities and two of them even for their beauty.
Who then are Good Teachers?
I would say good teachers may have a bit of many qualities such as empathy for students, good communicators, rich experiences, kind, flexible, adaptable etc. The list is endless but the most important quality that a good teacher must focus on is on ‘becoming’ as Alex Moore reinforces. So good teachers ought to be thinking, feeling people that have positive impact on young minds.
For me a teacher must be able to infuse the interest towards learning among her students. She will be successful if she will be able to inculcate the values of a good human being besides imparting knowledge as that is what finally makes good citizens of the future.

I would go back to what Alex Moore says, teachers should be thinking individuals who should pause and reflect over their work and teaching. They should challenge themselves constantly to look for better strategies and improved learning experiences for their students.


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