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It was the last day of September this present year when Year 5A students led the morning assembly among the years 5 and 6 groups with the theme, “Goal Setting incorporated with Sportsmanship” under the supervision of Ms. Roxy – the class teacher. Majority of the class members were wearing Cowboy costume showing joy, comfortability, and unity. Rwaa Ramadan as Ms. Goal and Mohamad Amar as Mr. Goal hosted the ceremony starting with a warm welcome to all the attendees, students, teachers, and the whole AIS family as well. It was preceded by the singing of the national anthem and the school song by Nichole Era. Right after this, Meezan Hussain and Abdullah Kasim did the Qur’an recitation and its translation respectively. It was seemingly amazing that the reaction of the crowd was like, they were looking forward to the presentation proper of the rest of the class.

To typify the inner core of the theme, the class presented a pageant-like show wherein five candidates were chosen to be Ms. Smart, Ms. Measurable, Ms. Attainable, Ms. Realistic, and Ms. Time-bound.

Finally, the event comes to end with a challenging and cheering talk given by the phase head, Ms. Dimpy. She boosted every student’s interest to be up on a trial of whichever class would make it the

highest roster number of participants in the upcoming “Know your Teachers Day”, will be given three chances to claim a surprise. Students were up to the said test. With her words, assembly was announced to adjourn by the emcees.

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