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Good Manners will open doors that the best education cannot.

To promote the Moral Values in the students The Apple International School conducted a “Sing-A-Song Competition” with the theme “Good Manners” on the 10th of October in the MPH Hall at 12 o’clock.

The judge for this competition was our beloved Principal.

Shamima Jarangpathy hosted the event.

Each class showcased their talent in singing and playing musical instruments

Each section gave a great performance using the below songs:


3A: Forgiveness

3B: How can they give and take love

3C: The more we get together

3D: You can count on me

3E: Fill your Bucket

3F: Who should I love?

3G: Love , respect & care for mother

3H: The power of words

3I: Tudos Juntos for being together

3J: Kindness

3K: What a wonderful world

3L: It’s a small world


At the end of the competition, Ms. Pranjala, the ever-supportive Principal announced the winners.

The students left the MPH with a joyful heart and radiant smiles that at this age are learning things which will be great help when they grow up.

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