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Good Values will open doors that the best education cannot.

To promote to the children the good values in school during every class, breaks and at home, The Apple International School conducted a “Sing-A-Song Competition” with the theme “Moral Values” for year 3 last Tuesday, 23rd  of October at the MPH Hall at 9 o’clock.

The judge for this competition was our Music teacher for year 4 and above Sir Ryan. Each class showcased their talent in singing and playing musical instruments. Each section gave a great performance using the below songs:

3A: You can count on me.

3B: Shokrn ya one-Thanks mom

3C: It’s a beautiful day.

3D: I am kind to the Earth

3E: Song of goodness.

3F: Together we will succeed.

3G: Yesterdays dream

3H: Unity In Diversity.

3I: Happiness.

At the end of the competition, Sir Ryan announced the winners.

1st position: 3G, 3F, 3I

2nd position: 3A, 3C

3rd position: 3E

Cathelin and Nathalie, Year 4 students served as the host of the said competition.

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