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The Year 4 conducted a Poetry Elocution Competition on 6th of November 2017 at the MPH. With this competition, ideas and feelings of the students, accentuated with the use of distinctive style and rhythmic delivery through a public speaking activity with a focus on the theme “English is a Crazy Language”.

Alliyah of 4C, the host of this event, started by introducing the Inclusion Champion Ms Farida who was the judge of the event. It was followed by reminding everyone about the criteria for judging; pronunciation, expression, voice modulation, presentation, adherence to the team and whole class participation.

The performance of the classes started from 4A to 4H. All the classes did an amazing job conveying the messages through their poems. The confidence of the students was remarkable when they performed on the stage.

After all the performance, Ms Norma, the Section head of Year 3 and 4, gave her short message and appreciation for all the classes. After this, Ms Farida announced the winners;

Year 4 B got the 1st Position whereas Year 4G and 4 C got 2nd and 3rd Positions respectively.

Everybody was happy with the result and the students showed great sportsmanship by congratulating the winners. It was indeed a successful event!

There was a joy seen among the students and the teachers for the successful completion of the 2nd and the last event of the term.

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