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The Poetry Elocution Competition was held on 6th November 2017 for Year 3 in the Multi-purpose Hall.  It commenced at 11:30 am and came to an end by 12:00 pm. All classes of Year 3 presented wonderful poems based on the theme “Humour”. This activity was organized to explore and encourage the speaking skills and confidence in children. It inspired children to come forward and recite on stage which reflected their enthusiasm and team spirit.

The competition was organized by Ms Sharine Gerald and Ms Cristina Cabiles. Compering was done by Nathalie Faith and Cathleen Gail of 3H. The competition was judged by Ms Farida. The criteria for judgement were Pronunciation, Expression, Voice modulation, Presentation, Adherence to the theme and Whole class participation. The selection process became extremely difficult for our judge.

First place was bagged by class 3G for the poem ‘My teacher took my i-pod’, second place by 3K for the poem- ‘The worm that didn’t wiggle’ and third place by 3Dfor the poem ‘Mother and the mouse’ The competition was a great success blended in vibrant colours portrayed by zestful students.

The students and the teachers were delighted with the successful completion of the 2nd and the last event of the term.

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