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Ramadan was the month in which the Qur’an was sent down, as a guide to mankind, also the clear (signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong). Henceforth, anyone of you reaching that month should fast in it. (Al Bakara: 185)

Ramadan, The month of Mercy, has arrived again with all the blessings of Allah (SWT). The Apple International School organized an evening of 7th June for all the parents to get together on one feast to show the cultural diversity. And everyone was invited regardless of religion, creed, and cast to enjoy the customs and traditions of the Muslim community. The most awaited Iftar program was scheduled from 6PM-8PM. The Valued parents took part in organizing such successful event.

The program was secluded to begin at 6 PM with the Quran recitation and translation by 1A student Minahil Adil.  All the students and their parents enjoyed Nasheed and some other animated lessons about the importance and purposes behind the fasting in the month of Ramadan. The children and parents were encouraged to take part in the art and craft activities such as lantern making with papers and models making with play dough.

Every one present broke their fast with dates, water and Laban provided by the school at the Athaan of Maghrib (call for the prayer) and followed by the prayer in allotted rooms for the Muslim children and parents. Later on, all the parents enjoyed their feast by sharing their delicious food items to make this evening more memorable with the true message about sharing in this special Month of blessings and rewards.

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