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Year 3-6 presented the assembly on the 23rd of September, 2018 on the topic “Islam for everyone”. The assembly was hosted by Faheema(3A). The entire assembly was linked to the main theme of Islamic Awareness week, the importance of Islam in the Light of Quran and Hadith.” Omer(5A)recited the verses from Surah Al Fatiha about blessings of Allah and Abia did the translation for the same in the form of Nasheed. After the National Anthem and School Song, the class came up with the presentation of Six pillars of Iman that describe the importance of each pillar. This presentation turned out to be the very informative one. Thereafter, the class presented a beautiful Nasheed(Article of Iman), which was enjoyed by everyone. Students were informed about the competitions ( Qirat, Speech, Calligraphy, and Exhibition) that are planned to happen throughout the Islamic week. To conclude the assembly Honourable Principal Mam Jaya expressed her views about the Assembly presentation, focusing on the main learning areas of the assembly and appreciated the team effort of Islamic Department and students Of Year 3-6 with great words those were so encouraging and worth spoken. Assembly ends with the national anthem of Saudi to pay tribute to National day of Saudi Arabia. After that assembly dispersed.

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