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A practicing teacher’s ‘philosophy of teaching’  goes through a lifelong evolution process, however, the fundamentals remain the same for those who adapt teaching by a sincere choice. Teaching is a noble profession so first of all a teacher should be a good human being and a well wisher of students, secondly it comes to methodologies and technicalities for which my concrete beliefs are as under;

❏ Students, somehow, reflect behavior of the teacher so a teacher, positively, needs to be a role model for various aspects of character building of the young ones. It may be the inspiration for learning, truthfulness, regularity and punctuality, sense of responsibility, respect for the fellow beings, being caring for environment and joyfully following discipline.

❏ Every individual has personal strengths and weaknesses. A good teaching and learning system aims to provide a continuous assistance to students in identifying and working upon these appropriately.

❏ Variety and adaptation of newer concepts and technology in teaching and assessment methods positively help retain students’ attention convincingly and the best results can be achieved when the students are convinced to proceed with the learning process and take the ownership of learning.

❏ To give prompt, specific and challenging feedback along with a regular track of students’ performance is the key to successful teaching and learning process. Students take those teachers seriously who do so as they feel themselves connected and get inspiration to work further. And the process goes on smoothly like moving gears.

❏ A teacher without the education system is only a tutor. To move on successfully and specially to handle difficult situations, various elements of entire education system have their roles to play. It may include administration, parents, teaching staff, teaching resources and students themselves. A good teacher tries to work with maximum potential of all of these to help students explore their potentials and perform better.

❏ At large, the aim of a good teacher is to contribute up to his maximum potential in developing individuals and hence the community.

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