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It was a Mindfulness Monday morning brought even more alive by the performance of FS 2 C in the weekly assembly of Foundation Stage.
A warm welcome by Angel was done as she was the host for the assembly. It was followed by Quran recitation by Zuhaib and English translation was done by Ms. Rageena and then children sang Good morning song followed by UAE national anthem. As exercise is good for our body, brain gym song was played. All the students enjoyed dancing to the song- ‘Star Jump.’
After brain gym, Ibrahim of FS 2-C had prepared some U.A.E quiz questions and he asked his fellow friends of FS1 and FS2. All the students of both the classes participated in it.
Ms. Nikky asked some questions related to the theme-land transport. After that some students did presentation on land transport which was enjoyed by everyone. All the children participated in the action song of ‘Drive a motor car’ and ‘Puff a train‘ songs which was truly enjoyed by FS 1 and FS 2 children and parents too.
After this it was time for star performance and four students from FS2-C played some musical instruments for 3 mins which was liked and enjoyed by everyone.
As this week is being celebrated as ‘Islamic week’ , some students from other classes participated in this and described five magic Islamic words which anyone can use in their daily life.
Angel concluded the assembly with a vote of thanks for their presence and co-operation to all the staff, students and parents.
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