Islamic Week 2017

Islamic week was observed in The Apple International School, Dubai from 29th October – 2nd November 2017. The main objective of celebrating this week was to focus on the importance of Islamic values and to understand the importance of healthy competition. Different Activities were conducted throughout the week.

The week began with Inauguration assembly for Islamic week on Sunday 29th Of October ’17. Students of Year 7 C did Quran Recitation and its translation. Students from Year 4 and 5  Prepared, Nasheed and school Song,  Ania Farooq of year 5 E did Speech on ‘Islam the Religion of peace’. In the end, Principal Ma’am concluded the assembly with inspirational words and encouraged students to participate in all activities during the week to make it successful.

After the  Assembly Competitions for Qirat , Nasheed , Azan, Declamation and Calligraphy were held in MPH. Students participated in these competitions enthusiastically and showed great interest. Judgment was made by Islamic and Arabic teachers on the basis of presentation skills, voice modulation, confidence and body language.

30th October was the day dedicated to Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and was named as “Mercy to the Worlds” Day. Students from year 7, 8 and 9 prepared Presentation on The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and presented it to their fellow students to give awareness of the greatest character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Islamic Models on different topics were exhibited in MPH on 2nd of November. Students from all the year level created models on the Topic of Islam and science, Prophet’s Stories, Surah Al Ghashiya , Surah Al Naba, Surah Al Mulk and Surah Qaaf, projecting the signs of Allah in all of his creations are enough proof of His existence and Authenticity of the message of Islam. Respected Principal Ma’am, Vice Principal Ma’am, Head of the Islamic and Arabic Department, and all the section heads and many teachers and students witnessed the exhibition and appreciated the efforts of students and teachers of Islamic Education B Department.

The week ended on 2nd of November with Closing assembly held in MPH. Students from year 1 and 2 did the hosting, prepared a beautiful presentation on the five pillars of Islam, different Appleites presented inspirational Nasheeds, and winner of competitions presented their work to give a glimpse of the whole week. Special guest was invited to attend the ceremony, He awarded certificates to the winners to appreciate their hard work and to celebrate their success. Honourable guest also visited the exhibition and appreciated the work of students.

The week ended by attaining its objective of creating awareness of Islamic values and motivating students for healthy competitions.

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