Islamic Awareness Week

Islamic Awareness week was observed in The Apple International School, Dubai from 23rd – 27th September 2018. The main objective of celebrating this week was to focus on the importance of Islamic values and to encourage the students to participate and practice the Islamic teachings in their daily life. Different Activities were conducted throughout the week.
Islamic Week Opening Ceremony

The week began with Inauguration assembly for Islamic week on Sunday 23rd Of September 2018. Students of Year 3-6 presented the assembly. Omar recited surah Fatihah and Abiya of Year 3 presented it’s translation as a nasheed and mesmerized the audience with her beautiful voice. Year 5 students spoke about the six pillars of Imaan and presented Nasheed also. In the end, Principal Ma’am concluded the assembly with inspirational words and encouraged students to participate in all activities during the week to make it successful. Lastly, students stood with respect for Saudi Arabia’s national anthem as it was the national day of Saudi also.

Calligraphy competition was held on the second day of the week i.e.on 24th of September. The objective was to make all the students participate and show their artistic skills by writing Quranic verses of their choice. Living Arabic students were encouraged to draw art & designs of Islamic culture in U.A.E and they also participated enthusiastically.

Qirat and Speech Competitions:

On the 25th of September, students participated in Qirat and speech competitions. Students showed great interest and tried their best to be the best. Judgment was made by Islamic and Arabic teachers on the basis of presentation skills, voice modulation, confidence, and body language.

Quiz Competition:

26th September was the day dedicated to Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a quiz was organized named as “How well you know Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)”. Students from year 7 – 10 participated in the quiz. They were divided into four groups, 2 groups for girls and two for boys. These groups were named as Momineen, Mominaat, Mohsineen & Mohsinaat. The main objective of this quiz was to make all students aware of the greatest character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Year 1&2 also presented the Islamic assembly on the same day. They created the awareness of the Islamic values and etiquettes and presented a beautiful nasheed also.

Islamic Exhibition

Islamic Models on different topics were exhibited in MPH on 27th of September. Students from all the year level created models on the Topic of Islam and science, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)’s Seerah, Surah Al Mulk projecting the signs of Allah in all of his creations are enough proof of His existence and Authenticity of the message of Islam. Another section displayed the models and projects based on the Islamic values in Islam like Salah, patience, brotherhood, and etiquettes of entering the house etc. Many teachers and students witnessed the exhibition and appreciated the efforts of students and teachers of Islamic Education B Department.
Closing Ceremony

The week ended on 27th of September with the Closing assembly presented by the students of year 7-10. They prepared a beautiful presentation about the companions of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and shared some information about the character of the great Sahabas and made everyone aware as to how we can adapt their qualities in our life. Later, Year 7B girls presented salam to Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) by saying a beautiful nasheed.
Assembly ended with the amazing and inspirational Nasheed presented by Mr. Ryan and his choir, “Colours of Islam” mesmerized the audience.

The main highlight of the Islamic Awareness Week was the sense of unity, strength, and modesty which was greatly visible throughout the school when the Principal Ma’am,s teachers and students decided to follow a particular Hijab/dress color code for each day.

The week ended by attaining its objective of creating awareness of Islamic values and spreading the knowledge and teachings of Quran and Sunnah.

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