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Part of the school’s commitment is to develop and hone the students to their fullest potential and be a well-rounded individual. That they will be competitive when they go out to the real world.

To bring this to its effect, it has been the school’s culture to conduct an Investiture Ceremony every year. Giving chance to those with leadership potentials to shine and develop their leadership skills to the best of them.

Thus, on October 3, 2018, at 8: 30 A.M, the KS1 Department conducted the above-mentioned ceremony at the School’s Multipurpose Hall to recognize those chosen Class Council.

The program started with the entrance of each year level’s Class Representative. Followed by a Quran Recitation and translation, the UAE National Anthem and the School Song.

Following that is the presentation of the Class Council and pinning of Badges for each year level by the KS1 Department Head, Ms. Preeti Tiwade with the assistance of Ms. Marwa, the School’s Happiness officer.

The ceremony, ended joyfully as the students are showing their happiness with their big smiles accompanied by a word of wisdom shared by Ms. Preeti and Ms. Marwa at around 9:00 A.M.

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