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The Apple International School has organized two days Inter Emirates Tour for the students from year 5 to year 9 on 18th December. 41 students were interested in the trip and were joined by 5 teachers from the school. The purpose of the educational trip was to provide students with a practical and theoretical experience of all the emirates in UAE. The trip also provided an opportunity to learn from UAE’s cultures and heritage and give students a well-rounded knowledge about few aspects which they were not aware earlier. This report highlights some of the aspects of the trip and focuses on the educational experiences mainly.

The first day began with the visit to Al Bastakiya Heritage Village. Al Bastakiya (Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood) is one of Dubai’s oldest historic district. A tour of the area offered a charming glimpse into the Dubai of a bygone era including traditional wind towers, bustling courtyards, and a maze of winding alleyways. From there, the group headed towards the Wasit Wetland Center in Sharjah. It features extensive dunes, mudflats and salty lagoons, as well as freshwater pools, and brought students up close to coastal bird populations hosting over 60 species of resident and migratory birds. The center also provided educational opportunities for students with detailed bird information and activities.

Then the group moved towards Umm Al Quwain National Museum. The museum created the interest among students for UAE’s historical background. Children enjoyed being in one of the authentic museums in UAE. Surrounding walls, buildings, cannons & entire environment gave a feeling of a time trip.

Before the day came to an end the group visited the Ras Al Khaimah Zoo. UAE’s third largest Zoo has got some rare animals like white lions, golden tigers, rare antelopes and many more. Students enjoyed being in the zoo the most.

The night halt for the group was at Tulip Inn Hotel, Ras Al Khaimah.

The next day started with a long drive to Fujairah Mosque. Fujairah mosque is the second largest place of worship. The students could go in & pray. Entering the mosque everyone could feel the sense of purity, calmness & spirituality of the place. All of them could feel the greatness of the Islamic building style & the mosque reminded of the Suleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul.

The last thing on the trip list was Ajman Museum. Children enjoyed every bit of time with a fascinating collection of artifacts housed in a beautifully restored fort which is one of the most visited historical attractions in the emirate.

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