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Green Day was celebrated from 15th through 19th of October 2017. The week-long celebration started with an instructive way where the children learnt about Green colour, green things in the environment and the importance of green colour and the positive effects it has on our lives.


The foundation stage buzzed with series of activities like colour mixing (yellow and blue to get green).

The children also brought their favourite green coloured fruit or vegetable to school on the third day of celebration.

It goes without saying that the active involvement in this colourful activity infused in them vigour, vitality and freshness.


Bubbling with enthusiasm in their astonishing green costumes, the little ones created a pleasant, harmonious and refreshing aura. The highlight of this celebration was little commentators who stepped forward with zeal and confidence to deliver short speeches on the significance of green colour. It also prompted them to think of how green colour energizes and revitalizes our lives


It was indeed an invigorating, reviving and rejuvenating experience for the children.

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