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Recognition and identification of different kinds of animals are pivotal for the students that were why we took cognizance of the day and celebrated with the Foundation Stage student at The Apple International School.

On 4th October 2018 was the “World Animal Day” wherein we read a story about the “Brown Bear, what do you see?” children were able to identify the different kinds of animals, the setting and sequence of the animals as were shown in the story.

Students were able to explore the different kinds of animals, the sound they make, their habitation, there sizes, what they feed on, etc.

Various exciting activities were conducted in classrooms to show their love towards animals.

Students were given the privilege to cut and color their favorite animals as was shown in the story.

The joy of students knew no bounds as the teacher made headbands for them to take home.

The purpose of the program was to encourage children to take good care for the animals. Celebrating world animal day is an ideal way to mark the end of the project on animal whether involving pets, farm animals or wild animals.

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