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The programmed started with a welcome speech from the principal, Ms.Jaya Menezes.

In her speech, she welcomes all the parents present and thanked them for choosing apple school for their child’s education. She assured the parents that the teachers will give the kids their very best.  She also added that the teachers are there to support the students; though they might be difficulties, they should be rest assured all will be well. She hopes for a successful academic year and a good teacher, students and parent relationship.

The principal then went on to introduce the administrative team starting with the Vice Principal (Mr. Mahesh), the Head of Foundation Stage, Ms. Vindya, the Coordinators (Ms. Rizla and Ms. Nicky), not leaving out the FS teacher.

She also gave a summary of the KHDA report and the statue of the school as per the KHDA rating (Good).

Ms. Rizla then took the floor wherein she took the parents through the EYFS curriculum.

The head of FS, Ms. Vindya Kumardeen explained how parents can help their kids achieve success in their learning journey. She took parents through the different learning areas/lounge at the school. She talked about how assessment is done in the foundation stage. She appreciated the large turnout of parents for the orientation and emphasized on the importance of parent-teacher communication. She also reminded them of the DO’S and DON’TS regarding proper school uniform. She ended with a plea to al the parent not to peep on their child through the window.

After the orientation, some of the parents met with the bus drivers to discuss the route and pickup time of their child.

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