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Academic Year 2017-2018 School Fees

YEAR Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Full year
 FS 1  2534 1900  1900 6334
 FS 2  2625 1969  1968 6562
 YEAR 1 2970  2228  2228  7426
YEAR 2 2970  2228  2228  7426
YEAR 3 2970  2228  2228  7426
 YEAR 4 2970  2228  2228  7426
YEAR 5  3409  2557  2556  8522
YEAR 6  3772  2828  2828  9428
YEAR 7  4073 3055  3055  10183
YEAR 8  4821  3616  3615  12052
YEAR 9  5340  4005  4005  13350
Registration Fee Dhs.500/- per child. (Payable upon registration, non-refundable)
Admission Fee Dhs.500/- per child. (Payable upon admission, non-refundable)
Activity Fee Dhs.600/- per annum.
Computer Fee Dhs.500/- per annum. (Year 1 to Year 9)
Medical Fee Dhs.250/- per annum
E – Learning Dhs.250/- per annum
Apps & Cyber Security Dhs.275/- per annum (Year 1 to Year 9)
Stationery Dhs.300/- per annum (only for FS)
Resource Fee Dhs.200/- per annum (Year 1 to Year 9)
IBT/External Exam Fees Dhs.350/- per annum (Year 3 to Year 9) ,Dhs.150/- Per annum (FS) ,Dhs.250/-Per annum (Year1 to year 2)
School ID Card Dhs.15/-

Schedule of Payment of Tuition and Transportation Fees

Payment of terminal fees in advance mandatory within 10 days from the due date for FS to Year 8

Option 1: Payment by Term: Term fees should be paid during the first week of September, January and April
Option 2: One-time payment: Beginning of the academic year
  • Uniforms to be purchased as per the students’ measurements
  • Transportation fees will be according to the area of residence
  • School fees are likely to be changed subject to ministry approval
  • Books to be purchased separately


Area Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Full Year
DUBAI Al Qusais, Al Nahda-2, Abu Hail (Opp Al Mulla Plaza), Al Tawar, Al Muhaisana 1,720 1,290 1,290 4,300
Rashidiya, Mirdiff, Deira, Naif Road, Al Baraha, Hamariya, Hor Al Anz, Rigga, Mutheena 1,920 1,440 1,440 4,800
Satwa, Satwa Iranian Shabia, Jafliya, Karama, Burdubai, Lamcy Plaza, International City,Ras Al Khor 2,080 1,560 1,560 5,200
Sheikh Zayed Rd (After Defence Bridge), Al Qouz (Front & Behind Bowling Center), Ajman,Jumiera 1&2 2,140 1,605 1,605 5,350
 SHARJAH Al Nahda Park, Al Taawoon, Buheira Corniche, Al Majaz-2, Jamal Abdul Naser Area 1,920 1,440 1,440 4,800
Rolla, Abushagara, Mega Mall, Al Wahda rd, Al Mehta Park, Al Qasimiah, Al Majaz, Garhoud 2,020 1,515 1,515 5,050


* All students are expected to wear their ID Cards issued by School regularly.

* Changes in Pick up or drop off point will be accepted only on prior written permission.

* Incase of change of residence, Parents must intimate the same, well in advance. The confirmation on the new route is subject to the availability of seats on         the established route. Pls. note transport is available on select routes only and limited to Point to Point service and not on a Door to Door basis.

* In the interest of your child’s safety eating inside the bus is not permitted.

* The transport fee should be paid in advance. Failing to do so could result in withdrawal of the bus service.

* The School reserves the right to decline provision of service.

* Children of FS will not be left at the drop off point unless the designated adult is present to collect them.

* Minimum one month prior intimation should be given for discontinuation of transport service or one month fee will be charged in lieu of this. Resumption         of transport will be subject to availability.

* Parents/Students are requested to follow the guidelines issued by the school with respect to student transport (Ref: School Diary).

* It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their child/ children are at the pick-up point at the designated time. Buses will not leave from collection          points ahead of schedule. After the Scheduled time, the buses will not be able to wait at the pick-up points, due to the traffic pressure. Buses may arrive at            pick-up and drop-off points behind schedule, due to traffic delay.

1. Payment of Fee

1.1. Registration & Admission Fee are due at the time of application to secure the seat.  This fee is non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-adjustable against tuition fee or any other fee.

1.2. Payment can be made by cheque or by cash in person at The Apple International School, Dubai. The online payment facility is introduced for the convenience of parents. Those who are interested in using this facility can choose the other modes of payment.

2. Refund Policy

2.1. The registration fee, admission fee, and re-registration fee remain non-refundable, while tuition fee refunds follow the Ministry of Education Bylaws for Private Education.  If a student withdraws or leaves school for any reason, the refunds will be processed as follows and returned to the original payee.

•           If a student withdraws prior to the start of the academic year, the balance of the first term/semester fee paid will be refunded, except the Registration Fee, the Admissions Fee, or the Re-registration fee.

•           If a student withdraws during the school term, the Registration fee, Admission fee, and Re-registration fee, are non-refundable, and the remaining tuition is refunded in accordance per the Ministry of Education Bylaws for term payments:

–           Fees will be charged for one full month if a student attends school for two weeks or less.

–           Fees will be charged for two full months if a student attends school for more than two weeks and less than one month.

–           Fees will be charged for the entire school term if a student attends school for more than one month

3. Other conditions

3.1 Your payment will normally reach the School account to which you are making a payment within 3 to 5 working days.

3.2 We cannot accept liability for a payment not reaching the correct School account due to you quoting an incorrect account number or incorrect personal details.

3.3 Neither can we accept liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason.

3.4 If the card supplier declines payment, the School is under no obligation to bring this fact to your attention. You should check with your bank/credit/debit card supplier that payment has been deducted from your account.

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