The Apple International School, Dubai is open for enrollment. Online registrations are open only for FS 1 and from Year 7 to Year 10 for academic year 2020-2021.

Visual & Performing Arts

Performing Art

Music, art and drama are important teaching practices for language learning. Performing arts are an essential method and learning and are strongly linked to language. We in the Foundation Stage perceive the world through the senses, and the arts allows the students to understand(observe), explore and experiment, and express themselves.
The performing arts provides another outlet for students to interact with others. When combined with dance, music and drama, student get the opportunity to use language to understand and express more complex ideas.


Music experiences include:

  • Singing
  • playing instruments
  • creating or composing music
  • listening to and reciting rhymes (with or without music)
  • creating rhymes or raps
  • listening to and viewing live performances
  • interpreting and discussing music
  •  performing to an audience
  •  combining music with movement/dance
  •  reflecting on and appreciating music.

Students explore the concepts of musical:

  • rhythm
  • pitch
  • volume
  • duration
  • tone/quality
  • patterns


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