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The Year 8 Champions – Class 8C presented an assembly on EXPO 2020. The assembly was very well organized that portrayed the EXPOs of the past as well.

The assembly began with the recitation of a Surah, along with its translation, which had been recited by Hamza, alongside Adinda with the translation. Next, we had the thought of the day, shared by Hammad. Then, the students sang the national anthem along with the school vision song.

Moving ahead, Syasya presented a brief speech on Reem Al Hashimy- The Expo ambassador of UAE, next we had a presentation of the EXPO, where the whole class formed the shape of the three pavilions of Expo 2020 connected with Al Wasl. Each pavilion had two of the student’s class speaking for the audience. Aliyan took the lead to explain in general about the Expo 2020, then Elyssa and Bhavya talking about Opportunity, next Ela and Francis- representing Sustainability last and not the very least, Nour and Shelly with mobility. Each of them explained what their pavilion meant and what were the projects that came under it. Then, we had a short presentation about the past EXPOs and what they had brought to the world, which was presented by Darlene, Jamal and Senuka. Next came Manal with the Islamic talk on success, then we had the Living Arabic students, Elyssa, Bhavya and Emerald, present a skit on EXPO 2020,

Following that, we had Appleanzee, played by Marco, who asked questions to the audience about the things presented on stage.

The assembly ended with The Innovation Leaders from Year 5 to 9 with their innovative ideas of the week.

Finally, the Principal addressed the stage & appreciated the class for the wonderful assembly.

To conclude, the sports captain was called up on stage to disperse the assembly.

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