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Objective: Generating Energy Conservation awareness among children.

‘Energy Conservation Week’ is an initiative to create awareness among the children about the importance of energy as well as saving or conserving more energy by using less energy. The exact meaning of energy conservation is using less energy by avoiding unnecessary usage. Energy conservation should be rooted in the behaviour of every human being to have more impact towards the plan of energy conservation.

As a part of celebrating this week from Jan 11th to Jan 15th 2015, children from Year 3 were asked to choose any one of the following activities:

  1. Suggest steps to conserve energy and also to present it.
  2. Make posters on Energy conservation
  3. Craft from Recycled materials.

Excellent responses were received from the children in all the activities. An event was organised on 18th January at the school assembly ground by clubbing all the work done by the students as a part of this activity. The Science teachers of Year 3 Ms. Laveena Padmesh Nair and Ms. Mehwish Maaz coordinated the event and it was attended by the Vice Principal, Ms. Jaya Menezes and the Head of Subjects Ms. Samina Rizvi. Their presence and inspiring comments motivated the children. The exhibited articles were also much appreciated by the Principal Ms. Pranjala Dutta.


  • Students were able to understand their role in conserving energy.
  • The recycled craft materials helped the students to explore more creative ideas in making craft from easily available recycled materials.

Report Prepared By

Mrs. Laveena Padmesh Nair

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