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From the antiquities to the contemporaries, education has always occupied a focal point in the life of mankind. However, global political and socio-economic tensions often make some to even question the very reason for its importance and existence.

The answer to this question has been a matter of quite a lot of controversy. There has been a diversification of opinions trying to explain the importance of education to man.

There is an opinion pool that affirms that Man is educated for himself. This opinion looks at education to be a self-developmental process. The chief advocate of this opinion is our famous French philosopher Jean Jacque Rousseau. In his book entitled, ‟ Emile, or on Education,” Rousseau defines education as that process which develops certain potentialities in man, in the esthetic, physical religious, moral and social domains. He goes as far as declaring that, ‟ anything that is to be proposed in the form of education, that is not geared towards this objective, is violence that is being inflicted on the one to be educated.”

However, if one should agree with Rousseau completely that man is educated for himself, one question immediately comes into play. Shall we not end up with a society that is made up of individuals who are self-centered and egoistic, ready to conquer the world at the slightest opportunity as Nazis’ Hitler tried to do in the thirties and forties????

The socialist opinion pool, opined by Emile Durkheim, affirms that man is educated for the society. This opinion pool looks at education to be a socialization process. An opinion that is directly transcribed in the definition Durkheim proposes for the word education. According to him, education is the influence exerted by the adult class of the society on those that are not yet ready for adult life.  This definition received word wide disagreement and criticism due to it unilateral nature. Durkheim failed to understand that the adult is also being educated in the process of educating a child.

Notwithstanding the fact that Durkheim remains one of the greatest sociologist humanity has ever know, one may not agree with him completely, for if one does, we shall simply be agreeing indirectly with Rousseau’s opinion. In our today’s modern world, where liberalism and capitalism are the order of the day, a man can only get up to serve the society when his personal interest is guaranteed.

Besides being a self developmental and a socialization process, Man should be able to use the education he has received to foster the evolution of humanity on earth. That is why we of the Apple International School, Dubai look at education to be a humanization process. Yes, man should be educated for humanity, for only this can help us to acquire the long lasting peace and harmony we have been searching since time immemorial.

                PLAY: An Instrument of Learning

A child is a container of energy and he needs to spend it. One principle way of spending this energy is through play. Through play, he socializes and discovers the new world in which he finds himself. Trying to stop the child from playing may reprimand him into a cocoon from which he may never come out. A child who does not play is sick.

This play can become useful if directed with care and caution.

That is why the teachers of The Apple International School use plays as an instrument to teach their students.

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