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Commitment to community is characteristic of Apple International School. We encourage our students to make a difference in our communities by participating in local charitable outreach programs. The children in apple international schools learn about the importance of helping others and the significance of giving and being a part of their communities.

To celebrate Community Service day and to build a foundation of friendship, compassion, cooperation and kindness in the school a few selected students from Foundation Stage to Year 9 went out to a construction site in Al Nahda 1, Dubai to distribute food packets to the laborers working in the site on 31st October 2017. Few teachers & few support staff accompanied the students to help them distribute the packets.

On the same day the students from year 7, 8 & 9 took up the responsibility to clean the school corridors, class rooms & the quadrangle area in the school. Few classes from year 5 & 6 went out to the garden area to clean the garden. The students from FS & students from year 3 & 4 prepared mementos for Manzil Center & handicraft items for garden respectively. Few sections from 5 & 6 helped the year 1 & 2 in their dispersal to mark the day.

It was a great success.

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