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On the 22nd October 2017, all FS1 had baby bear’s pyjama party and all the children came in pyjama and sleepers.

They all brought small pillows, pop-corn, cookies and pan cakes not leaving out stuffed animals (buddy).

The party began with an introduction of the ‘’buddy’’ to friends and sleep with them in which they were excited to meet the buddies. The teacher proceeded by reading a book in the dark with the flash light with the children. They all enjoyed it as they gathered around the teacher while she reads.

The children were given the opportunity to watch a bed time story titled ‘’Ira sleeps over’’. After watching the story, child discussed what Ira would pack in her suitcase and prepare her suitcase. Some said teddy bear, pillow, etc.

After that lovely discussion, it was now time for snack. Children were served with cookies and pop-corn.

All the children were very happy to do this fun maths activity (sorting buddies) The children sorted buddies in different sizes, colour, animals and non-animals, bears and non-bears. They enjoyed the activity, and some learnt to count, learnt colours animals etc. they also sorted out those wearing long-sleeves pyjama on one side and those wearing short-sleeves pyjama on the other side. Then they were given cut outs of pyjama tops to colour and graph the short-sleeves and long-sleeved pyjama. This was a nice activity as they learnt the concept of long and short.

The day ended with the singing of songs and bedtime rhymes like ‘’Ten in the bed’’.

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