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The objective behind the celebration was to familiarize children with family events, to discuss their own experience of such events, and to know their birthday. They were able to discuss people who are familiar to them and how they celebrate such events.

On the 23rd of September 2018, our baby bear turned three years. All the FS1 students were very happy to celebrate this joyous event with baby bear. The main objective was for students to know their date of birth.

They were all dressed in colorful party dresses.  They also brought gifts, teddy bears and in some classes, students brought birthday cakes for baby bear.

The students of FS1-F were very excited as they made a nice birthday cake for baby bear.

All the students were happy to know that baby bear is now three years old and do not need to wear diapers anymore since he is no longer a baby. They all agreed that they will not wear diapers because they are three and some 3+, hence are big and not babies. They sang the birthday song, ate, did some activities and enjoyed with baby bear. Each student was given the opportunity to tell their friends their date of birth. They went home very happy as most of the students could say their date of birth.

It was a joyous day in Foundation Stage 1.

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