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Years 5-9 conducted the assembly during the DSIB inspections on 14th February 2018 on the theme “Artificial Intelligence: The Future Tech”. The assembly was compered by Insiya and Mohd. Aliyan. The assembly started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Rahij Sohaib followed by translation done by Mousab. After the National Anthem, Nour Ali and Yuval Shah presented the importance of artificial intelligence through some models and drones along with the innovative projects made by the Apple International School for Expo 2020. Then students came up with the presentation on Artificial Intelligence which also included beatboxing, gymnastics, and a robotic dance number. Thereafter, our own created Robot Mr. Ray was brought on stage and questions were asked of artificial intelligence. Students from the audience were thrilled to answer his questions. Finally, the innovation leaders from different grades presented their innovation projects. Then the vision song was sung by Micah followed by the dispersal by Sports Captain Lamis Mohamed.

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