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The assembly started with a brief introduction of the topic by the hosts: Ysa and Jhian, followed by the Quran recitation by Sara Bohra, and translation by Naima Amanzade. We paid respect to the country and the school by singing the UAE National Anthem and the School Vision Song.

Then we proceeded to the school report- The Apple News by Kate where she congratulated all the Al Afdal Awardees, mentioned the latest events and the upcoming ones. After the report, the hosts invited few individuals to go up on the stage to perform an act demonstrating the present-day situation and how making new friends is easy. The audience applauded the effort that the actors had put into the performance.

Following the performance, the speakers: Ysa and Princess, had ascended to the stage with the purpose of delivering a powerful “two-part speech” regarding the concept of a safe and happy school with no tolerance for bullying and where safety and comfort are the environmental traits. Parts of the speech stated how and why safety plays a vital role in our lives and how it should always be kept constant in one’s life, especially with the youth. The act was praised for having such strong effectiveness and purpose along with the power of originality.

A number of people shared the different types and ways to prevent bullying. They also suggested that help should be given in such cases. The students thanked them for educating them on the very important questions regarding the assembly topic. The last, but not the least act, proudly gestured themselves for a pair of students: Kirsten and Nina, who delivered a short poem about Safety and Happiness. The crowd then joined their hands for the amazing and extravagant poem made by them.

The assembly was finally concluded by inviting our dear Principal Ma’am. She shared her opinions on what the students had done for their assembly with professionalism. She also made sure to spread her other ideas to improve the way students can study and live their lives at its best. Then the assembly was dispersed.

After the audience had returned to their respected classrooms, 7E students gathered on the stage for a group photo. They were excited with the appreciation received.

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